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Not to be confused with Alien Reguran

Alien Regulan (レグラン星人 Reguran Seijin) is an alien species that appeared in the Ultraman Tiga Dark Horse Manga.


Planet Regulan's people had long desired another world, with their own had grown cold and dark. They had turned their sights to the blue sphere known as Earth. Their king sent two of his minions to begin the operation of transforming or killing all resistance. The two alien first implemented their plan on a fishing village using special waves they transformed humans into Human/Regulan hybrids under their complete control.

The boat load of their minions made their way to Dive-Hangar, GUTS marine based headquarters, and began to scale the walls like a zombie plague. Attacking the guards and anyone they could find those they incountered began to also turn into monsters as well. Ultimately they were contained in a special portion of the complex, with GUTS being given the mission to find a way to stop and hopefully cure them.


  • Despite bearing a similar name to Alien Reguran, they bear a stronger resemblance to Alien Baltan.
  • Despite being villains, their king was the one who imprisoned Makila, although that may have been because of the monster's psychopathic rampages causing damage to his kingdom.


Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Blasts: The Regulan aliens can fire beams from their claws, they appear to require charging first.
  • Size Change: Alien Regulan can change their size and become giants or human sized.
  • Sonic Indoctrination: Using sonic waves they can control humans, these waves can be blocked by the proper head gear and have no affect on Ultras. Those indoctrinated gain head pieces that resemble their crowns and their hand became claws like theirs. When freed their victims revert to their normal forms.
  • Flight: The Regulan aliens seem capable of self-propelled flight, even across interstellar distances.