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This Alien Pedan (ペダン星人 Pedan Seijin) is the de facto leader of the Star of Darkness and one of the antagonists of the manga ULTRAMAN. He was renamed to Alien Pedant (ペダント星人 Pedanto Seijin) for the anime adaptation.[1]



NOTE: Due to there being several differences between the manga and anime adaptation, the History section has been split into two tabs.


The Star of Darkness made themselves known to humanity by hijacking all the screens in New York, announcing their plans to take over the Earth. The leader announced that their drugs had been spread throughout the city, causing mass hysteria and chaos as nobody would be held accountable for their actions while under the drug's influence. However, they later announced that what they said earlier was a lie, and had proven that humanity was unworthy to rule the Earth.

They started their plan to dominate Earth by sending their footsoldiers, but the Ultramen and their allies had arrived to stop them. Arriving in the city in person, he then summoned the Golden Fortress, but it was destroyed by Moroboshi. The terrorists then faced off against them and were defeated. Driven into a corner, the leader consumed a deadly dose of the drugs to become superpowered, now able to fire highly destructive beams form his mouth. The SSSP wanted him captured alive, but the Pedan revealed he could hear the order and said that there was a mole among them.

He invited Shinjiro, Shin to fire their Spacium Beams at him and give him a glorious death, since his role had already been completed. Their combined efforts were still not enough, so Shin asked Bemular for help. He agreed to lend a hand and fired his Spacium Beam, destroying most of the Pedan's body. All that was left was half of his face, still alive and talking about how justice was theirs. Taro disagreed, burning away the remains to ash.


Pedant, the leader of the Star of Darkness, was the mastermind behind the Mass Disappearance Incident. Threatening to unleash the Golden Fortress upon the Earth, he gives the people an ultimatum to be answered within 24 hours: surrender half of the planet's land to the aliens, or give up half of its people.

Powers and Weapons

  • Golden Fortress:The Alien Pedan's main invasion weapon, created and launched from his planet.
  • Drug-Enhanced Form: Upon taking a lethal amount of drugs, the Alien Pedan transformed into a hulking, incredibly durable brute capable of withstanding Specium Beams fired by two Ultraman Suits.
    • Destruction Beam: The enhanced form is capable of spitting a powerful beam that can level buildings with ease.

  • Golden Fortress: Pedant's invasion weapon and base of operations.
  • Expert Combatant: Pedant is highly proficient in combat and can defeat multiple opponents at once. He even defeated Shin Hayata in his Protosuit rather easily.
  • Duplication: Pedant has some sort of duplication ability, which can split him into three exact copies.
  • Forcefield: Pedant has a forcefield coating him which nullifies any damage from bullets.
  • Power-Up State: Pedant can alter his suit to provide him with a power up. His colours change and he becomes far more powerful.
    • Electrical Bolts: Pedant unleashes electricity in an aura around him.
    • Extreme Durability: Pedant can withstand Shin and Shinjiro's attacks and get up seemingly without having taken any damage, even when the former had a new and improved suit and the latter had released his Limiter.
    • Energy Barrier: An extremely tough energy barrier that can block Shin and Shinjiro's Spacium Beams. Only with Bemular's help did the barrier shatter.



  • This Alien Pedan combines the aspect of both of his race's iterations from the live action medias of Ultraman Series: he wears a helmet similar to Reionics Hunter troops which bears the design of Ultraseven incarnation's head. This however leaves his true face being ambiguous, either human-like (Heisei Era) or based on its Showa incarnation.


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