Alien Pedan

Showa Alien Pedan

Member Dail

Home world: Planet Pedan of the 8th Galaxy
First appearance: Ultraseven episode 15 "The Ultra Garrison Goes West, Part 2"
Latest appearance: Ultraman Taiga episode 4 "Requiem of the Wolves"
Height: 2 m
Weight: 50 kg
Category: Seijin
Affiliation: King Joe (Mecha)
Reionics Hunter
Roar(s): N/A

Alien Pedan (ペダン星人 Pedan Seijin) is an alien race from Ultraseven. Despite their advance in technology, they are also warmongers who would either protect their planet or bent on conquering others for invasion purposes.

Subtitle: Artifice Alien (策略宇宙人 Sakuryaku Uchūjin)



After an observation rocket sent by TDF to Planet Pedan was mistaken as an invasion attempt, the people of Pedan began retaliate by first sending off their threat to Washington. In the present day, they secretly arrived and kidnapped the American scientist Dorothy Anderson who was on her way to Japan, replacing her with an impostor and destroy identification documents of her escort Melvin Webb. "Dorothy" soon made her way to Japan and assassinate three other foreign scientists that went undercover before taking refuge in Ultra Garrison. After the submarine escort Arthur was destroyed, "Dorothy" escaped when Melvin exposed her and left King Joe to attack the Defense Center in Rokko Mountains.

"(laughs) Nice job! Beautiful! This is our chance to launch the attack! The moment I saw that beautiful planet I swore I'd conquer it myself. I'll give the order to stand by for a full-scale attack."

―The Alien Pedan King Joe pilot.
Alien Pedan

A pair of Alien Pedan in King Joe's cockpit.

The next day, Dan Moroboshi confronted "Dorothy" and try to clarify the true intentions of the Earthlings. Seeing through his true nature, she complies and return the original Dorothy amnesiac but double crosses the deal after taking a liking towards Earth's beauty and wanted to take it as their own. The Earth agent already made their move by having King Joe attack the Kobe pier while a troop of spaceships were already on their way. Dan participated and fought as Seven after being duped by the Pedan spy. After King Joe's destruction by the Ryton R30 Bomb (manufactured with the real Dorothy's help), the Pedan agents try to escape with a saucer until Seven gunned them, forcing the rest of the invasion fleets to retreat.


  • Voice actor: Shun Yashiro, Hiroshi Tanabe
  • Actress: Linda Hardisty ("Dorothy Anderson")
  • The appearance of Alien Pedan were originally silhouetted until a blink-and-you-miss-it scene where Seven open fired on their escape ship with the Wide Shot. This caused the interior to explode and partially exposing the alien himself. He is portrayed as a black wetsuit with a green head and a pair of antennae, which was later clarified by series director Kazuho Mitsuta in 2012.
  • In the TNT/Cinar English dub, they are called the Rodanians (no connection to the Toho monster Rodan).

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey

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Ultraman X

"That material... its Pedanium alloy. Could it be the Alien Pedan's ships?"
"Alien Pedan?"
"They've already destroyed all civilization on seven planets. You can be sure they won't negotiate!

Guruman and Shotaro Kamiki

Alien Pedan are mentioned in episode 11 of Ultraman X. After King Joe lands on Earth and begins assaulting the planet, Guruman theorizes that King Joe is being owned by a group of Alien Pedan, after it is discovered that King Joe's armor has been reinforced with Pedanium.

Ultraman Geed

An Alien Pedan reappears in this series as an AIB agent. He, along with his colleagues watched the activities of Kei Fukuide from the AIB base. When Kei discovered them observing him, he destroyed the field agent's disguising device and compromised the mission, leading to the control panel where the alien stood to malfunction.

Ultraman Taiga

A Pedan was one of the aliens Homare Souya had to fight before his days at EGIS. Requiem of the Wolves


Alien Pedan
Showa Alien Pedan

The true face of Alien Pedan, which was seen in episode 15 in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment.

  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Origin: Planet Pedan
Powers and Weapons​
  • Intelligence: As a prideful race, the Pedan are known for their advanced scientific research and technology, which surpasses that of the Earth.
  • Human Disguise: Considering their true appearance, the Alien Pedan can disguise as Earthlings for espionage purposes.
  • Marksmanship: The Pedan individual who masqueraded as Dorothy is at least a proficient sniper, having assassinated three scientists from Washington that made their way to Japan.
  • Space Fighters: Should the Alien Pedan troops travel by group, they usually piloted space fighters aside from the use of King Joe.
  • King Joe: King Joe's main invasion mecha. It is capable of splitting into four ships or unleashing an escape craft should the robot be destroyed.

Alien Pedan Harlan
Commander Harlan

Alien Pedan Harlan (ペダン星人ハーラン Pedan Seijin Hāran), also known as Commander Harlan (ハーラン司令 Hāran shirei), was the troop leader of the Reionics Hunter.

  • Height: 1.65 m
  • Weight: 49 kg
  • Origin: Planet Pedan (50 years from the future)
Powers and Weapons​
  • King Joe Scarlet: The classic gigantic mecha that was used by two members of their race in a plot to invade Earth had been modified with a red scarlet paintjob and mounted with a spear called Pedanium Lancer. But she was never seen in use as the robot was destroyed along with her base.
  • Station: Harlan had a huge space station equipped with a tractor beam and cloaking shields. This might also be the method for Harlan and her troops time travelling from the future can travel 50 years from the future.
  • Baton: Harlan's combat baton possess a built-in gun for sneak attacks.

Alien Pedan Dail
Member Dail

Alien Pedan Dail (ペダン星人ダイル Pedan Seijin Dairu), also known as Reionics Hunter Dail (レイオニクスハンター・ダイル Reionikusuhantā Dairu), was a renegade Reionics Hunter that joined the ZAP SPACY team.

  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 86 kg
  • Origin: Planet Pedan (50 years from the future)
Powers and Weapons​
  • Armor: Like all Reionics Hunters, Dail was also outfitted with an armor he used during combats.
  • Blaster: Dail was equipped with powerful blaster rifles.
  • Teleportation: Dail can teleport at will using special bracelets.
  • Ship: Originally back on his days when serving the Reionics Hunter army, Dail had rode a spaceship that can fire energy rays.
  • Mechanic Expert: While temporarily served the ZAP SPACY, Dail had mounted their Pendragon a Pedanium Laucher, the similar cannon that used by King Joe Black.

Alien Pedan Reionics Hunter/Pedan Soldiers
Ultr Glxy Aln Pndn

Pedan Soldiers

Pedan Soldiers (ペダン兵士 Pedan Heishi)

  • Height: 2 m
  • Weight: 50 kg
  • Origin: Planet Pedan (50 years from the future)
Powers and Weapons​
  • Armor: All Reionics Hunters were outfitted with an armor they used during combats.
  • King Joe Black: The classic gigantic mecha that was used by two members of their race in a plot to invade Earth had been modified to mount with a rifle called Pedanium Launcher.
  • Blasters: Reionics Hunters are equipped with powerful blaster rifles.
  • Teleportation: Reionics Hunters can teleport at will using special bracelets.
  • Ship: Reionics Hunters are armed with an army of spaceships that can fire energy rays.

Other media

Mega Monster Battle Ultra Adventure

In the manga adaptation of Mega Monster Battle: ULTRA MONSTERS arcade game, the Alien Pedan team are portrayed as benevolent aliens who were at war with the Alien Nackle.

A Pedan soldier was stranded on a strange planet which Io Mikura happened to be in as a result of Bullton. Their friendship was short-lived when he sacrificed his life to protect Io by ramming an Alien Hipporito with his King Joe. Io would later encounter a group of Alien Pedan led by their commander Dorothy (ドロシー Doroshī), who sought the Reionics' help to end their war against Nackle in exchange for a trip back to Earth. During the battle, they try to use their own replica of Battle Nizer but failed and the entire forces died from the battle.


  • Commander Dorothy's name and appearance is in tribute to Dorothy Anderson, the American scientist whose impersonated by the Pedans from Ultraseven.

Kaiju Busters POWERED

Two known Alien Pedan appeared in this game instalment, both of which wears a set of Reionics Hunter armors.


Larva (ラルバ Raruba) is a young Alien Pedan that the player encountered in his mission. Despite his rash behavior and pride in his planet's science, he is in fact a Tsundere nice guy to the player.

His rash behavior stems from his frantic and fear of Belial taking over his Planet and held the entire population as hostages. After said Ultra defeated, he decided to join the player in maintaining peace in galaxy, at the same time forming a rival/older brother-like figure to the latter.


Ash (アッシュ Asshu) is the leader of a Planet Pedan caravan troop. After the player liberated their planet from Ultraman Belial, Ash serve as a supplier to the former.

Ultra Zone

Alien Pedan Yoko


The late night series Ultra Zone introduced the character named Yoko (洋子).

She was originally an Alien Pedan invader who defected after falling in love with a defense force member named Yamamoto. Sometime after marrying him, she was revealed to be 3 months pregnant.


  • Actress: Kei Ishibashi
  • Her husband Yamamoto is portrayed by Yu Kamio, who would portray Shotaro Kamiki, captain of Xio in Ultraman X.
  • She is the first female Alien Pedan not to have her hair colored white and to a lesser extent, copying Dorothy Anderson's archetype.


An Alien Pedan is revealed to be the leader of an organization called Dark Star. He is also in possession of a man-sized combat robot called as Golden Fortress.

Toy/Figure release info

HG Ultra Series

Alien Pedan Ultra7 Gashapon
  • Alien Pedan (Seven Generation) (HG Ultra Series, 2014)
    • Release Date: 2014/7/25
      • Shipping Date: 2014/11 (Estimated)
    • Material: PVC
    • Age recommendation: 15 years and up
    • Size: About 75 mm
    • Made in: China

As part of the "HG Ultra Series" gashapon toy celebration, three sets of aliens that had fought the Showa Ultras, Yapool Man, Alien Pedan and Black Directive was released. The set can be sold on available gashapon machines at Japan while shipping would be available in November 2014.

Alien Pedan was released alongside with a table cockpit that used to pilot King Joe.


  • The picture shown was a prototype as of the actual figure might appear to be different.
  • The Alien Pedan that was released in this set was a depiction from their silhouetted appearance in their series.


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