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"These may be instant branches, but getting hit by them hurts just like the real ones do. You're about to die, kid, and I want you to know just who you're messing with!"

―Alien Nepenthes, to Shinjiro.

Alien Nepenthes (ネペンテス星人 Nepentesu Seijin), also known as Alien Nepenthus or Nepentesu, is a member of the Ace Killer Squad.



A race with tissue similar to that of plants. The individual who joined the Ace Killer Squad, was highly loyal to his leader and served as the group's strategist.

During the fight with the SSSP Ultramen and Seiji Hokuto, when Ace Killer was killed, he attempted to avenge his leader, only to be stopped by and killed by Shinjiro via his Spacium Beam.

Alien Nepenthes was one of Ace Killer's men. He was first seen along with his boss attacking an oil rig in search of Yuko Minami, but they failed to find her. You As You Are Nepenthes appears with his boss after a trap they put at the mansion sets off, and binds Shinjiro and Moroboshi using his vines. Ace Killer Seiji sets them free, and Shinjiro fights Nepenthes. He is soon joined by Moroboshi after he deals with some henchmen, but they are defeated and bound once again. Seeing Seiji get so injured enrages Shinjiro, who releases the Limiter under his own power, and kills Nepenthes using an Ultra Slash. A Real Ultraman


  • While his group are based off the Terrible-Monster, Nepenthes came from a fan contest in Japan to design a new alien.
  • His species prefers tropical environments.
  • His species is so plantlike that his presence causes elevated levels of oxygen in the immediate area.


Powers and Weapons
  • Tendrils: Nepenthes can shoot tendrils out of his back. They are strong enough to grab, hold and crucify the SSSP Ultramen. The tendrils have nerves as damage to them can hurt him.
  • Intelligence: Nepenthes knows and can speak approximately 5,000 languages. (Manga only)


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