Alien Natarn (ナターン星人 Natān Seijin) is an alien invader that appeared in Ultraman Tiga. He later appeared in Ultraman Dyna as an illusionary member of Moravia's Phantom Monster Army.

Subtitle: Invasion Alien (侵略宇宙人 Shinryaku Seijin)


  • Height: Unknown ~ 55 m 
  • Weight: Unknown ~ 48,000 t 
  • Origin: Planet Natarn


Ultraman Tiga

The Alien Natarn were allies with another alien race, which later used both Shinjoh and Maya Cruz's bodies.

These aliens crashed on Earth, but returned to their planets, leaving one. This alien lived in the body of Maya Cruz, who had just died in a car accident, it took on her identity for several years. Meanwhile, the Natarn had invaded their "allies" planet and destroyed their home planet in the name of revenge from a prior conflict. 15 years later, Alien Natarn's UFO appeared in space and was followed by the GUTS Wing 1. It fired its laser at the GUTS Wing, but it missed and was shot down itself. Natarn took on a human form and went into hiding for a short period of time. He later revealed himself to Shinjoh alien and Daigo, boasting that he had killed all of the other aliens except the two that fled to Earth. He then shot Shinjoh, and prepared to kill Daigo when Shinjoh tripped him. Daigo then fought the alien and threw him down some stairs and aimed his gun at him. Natarn left his human body and transformed into his giant form. Daigo transformed into Ultraman Tiga and the two battled, with Natarn releasing energy beams and Tiga blocking them. The alien then tried to flee but was kicked in the back by Tiga. He then tried to fire his energy beams but had a hole blown through his stomach with the Zepellion Ray, ending Natarn's life.


  • Suit actor: Toshio Miyake
  • His facial appearance resembles Alien Mefilas.
  • Alien Natarn was easily the weakest enemy to face Ultraman Tiga, not even damaging the Ultra before being destroyed by Tiga's Zepellion Ray in one of the shortest fights in the Ultra Series and perhaps the shortest fight in Ultraman Tiga (roughly under a minute).

Ultraman Dyna

Alien Natarn was mentioned as a member of Moravia's Phantom Monster Army.

Powers and Weapons

  • Size change: Alien Natarn can change his size from human to giant.
  • Energy Beams: Alien Natarn can fire energy beams from his hands.
  • Laser Gun: Alien Natarn is equipped with a laser gun.
  • Possession: Alien Natarn can possess any human he wished.
  • UFO: Alien Natarn has a UFO that is invisible except for spinning orange lights.
    • Energy Beam: The UFO can fire an orange energy beam from its lights, similar to Natarn's.


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