Alien Naltis (ナルチス星人 Naruchisu Seijin) is an alien from the planet Naltis, she first appeared in Ultraman Dyna episode 33 "Star of Peace".

Subtitle: Super vicious alien (超悪質宇宙人 Chō akushitsu uchūjin)


Ultraman Dyna

A mad biologist from another world, Alien Naltis studied GUTS/Super GUTS and their previous battles against monsters and alien invaders while desired to create Menorfa in order to conquer Earth. But she wasn't able to complete it since the process required lots of negative emotional energy. Given that she couldn't use the other Naltisians due to her kind being a peaceful race, her journeyed to Earth, kidnapping humans in order to extract their negative energies starting with a group of delinquent rollerskating teenagers. Among them was Sonoka, daughter of Gosuke Hibiki, Super GUTS's captain. When she successfully kidnapped Asuka, Captain Hibiki, Sonoka and Hasumi (her boyfriend), she began to extract the negative energies from them until she was stopped by Super GUTS. Naltis made her final move by fusing herself with Menorfa. Once Alien Naltis fused with Menorfa, the blob monster grew extremely large, giving Asuka no other choice but to turn into Ultraman Dyna. Once the battle began Dyna had an extremely difficult time doing anything to Menorfa. When the Solgent Ray was unable to work Hasumi noticed a bruise on Menorfa from where he threw a metal pipe from when the blobish monster was growing. Once this area was hit by Hibiki when he piloted the GUTS Eagle Alpha Superior, Dyna went into Strong Type and executed the Dyna Tornado Attack, destroying Menorfa and Alien Naltis.


  • Cast: Motoko Nagino
  • The alien's actress previously portrayed Yukina Hazuki, a female member of Kyuranos' vampire group in Ultraman Tiga.
  • Her appearence is somewhat identical to Megamind, the titular character from the 2010 animated movie with the same name.
    • Take note that her debut appearance occurs 13 years before the aformentioned movie.


  • Height: 1.8 m 
  • Weight: 67 kg 
  • Origin: Planet Naltis
Powers and Weapons
  • Sonic Screech: Alien Naltis can emit a sonic screech that can knock out humans.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Alien Naltis can jump very high into the air.
  • Combine: Naltis can combine with Menorfa and control it.


Ultraman Dyna

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