The Alien Monoron (モノロン星人 Monoron Seijin) were peaceful aliens that appeared in the series, Fight! Mighty Jack.

Subtitle: Friendly Alien (宇宙猿 Yasashī Uchūjin)


  • Height: 5 ft
  • Weight: TBA
  • Origin: Planet Monorons


Fight! Mighty Jack



  • Voice actor: Koji Yada.
  • Suit actor: Koji Kajiminishi.
  • All or most of the heads of the Alien Ghos suits were reused and repainted for the Alien Monoron.
    • This is ironic, considering the Alien Monorons are actually a peaceful alien race.
  • Their roars are made by advancing/modifying the voice actors's tape.
  • One of them appeared as a student of Ultraman 80's (known as "Monoron") in the puppet show "Ultraman M730 Ultramanland".

Powers and Weapons

  • Acceleration: Alien Monoron can run at very fast speeds.
  • Extraordinary Jumper: Alien Monoron can jump up to very high heights.
  • Saucers: Alien Moronon have flying saucers that can fly, are highly advanced and can fire powerful laser beams that can destroy any enemy fire thrown at it.

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