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Alien Monera (モネラ星人, Monera Seijin) are a group of intelligent aliens whose nefarious motif is to invade Earth. While aboarding the spaceship Monera Seed (モネラシード, Monerashīdo), they finally appeared and fuse themselves with their spaceship to form the gigantic Queen Monera (クイーンモネラ, Kuīn Monera).


  • Alien Monera: Space Plant Beastman (宇宙植物獣人, Uchū Shokubutsu Kemonojin)
  • Monera Seed: Specialized Seed Ship (専用种子船, Sen'yō Shushi Fune)
  • Queen Monera: Titanic Plant Monster (超巨大植物獣, Chō Kyodai Shokubutsu Jū)


Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light[]

The Alien Monera first test the strength of Ultraman Dyna by releasing Geranda. After it was proven equally matched, one of them assimilate Dr. Kisaragi and orders the giant battleship, Prometheus, and destroy Geranda. With the battleship holds Dyna's combat techniques, they use their spaceship, Monera Seed to "mollusionizing" into become the demonic Deathfacer. Later, after Deathfacer was destroyed in K3 District, the Monera Seed reappeared. Inside the ship, the Moneras combined their bodies and minds with the ship to become the collective known as Queen Monera. Ultraman Dyna, tired after the battle with Deathfacer, flew upward for combat, but was caught by Monera Seed's tentacles and thrown into her abdomen. There, constant bolts of electricity assaulted Dyna. Finally, after more than two minutes of struggling, Dyna's head went limp, and died. However, a young boy with an Ultraman Tiga figure is able to get everyone to believe in the light, and everyone lends their 'light' to bring back Ultraman Tiga. Tiga miraculously appears bathed in light, at once freeing Dyna, before the two of them confronted Queen Monera. After blasting off several tentacles, the heroes were caught in the neck by more tentacles but was freed by Super GUTS. They flew into the sky and unleashed the TD Special, destroying Queen Monera for good and making the Moneras extinct. Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light


  • Alien Monera are tributes to Alien Chibull, with Monera Seed's design revolving around the horseshoe crab and Queen Monera being based on crustaceans.
  • Queen Monera is completely immobile, unable to move from the spot she's formed in.
  • Though the Monera Seed was a spaceship that used by the Alien Monera, but its design was more biological than technological.
  • The Monera Seed would later be remodeled to serve as the prop for Lethe in Ultraman Nexus.
  • Queen Monera's abdomen which traps Dyna was later modified into the wings on King of Mons and Basiliss.


Alien Monera
Alien Monera
  • Height: 111 cm
  • Weight: 44 kg
  • Origin: Planet Monera
Powers and Weapons
  • Fusion: They can fuse with their spaceship to form Queen Monera.
  • ESP: Alien Monera can use their ESP to control Dr. Kisaragi.
  • Monera Seed: Alien Moneras' saucer that they used for travel.
  • Geranda: Alien Monera can command and manipulate this monster to their liking.
  • Deathfacer: By controlling Dr. Kisaragi from inside, they can convert the TPC's Prometheus battleship and convert it into a robot named Deathfacer.

Monera Seed
Td - monera seed 1
  • Length: 48 m
  • Width: 30 m
  • Origin: Planet Monera
Powers and Weapons
  • Shield: Monera Seed can generate a shield to protect itself.
  • Tentacle: Monera Seed has many tentacles used to ensnare enemies.
  • Seeder (シーダー, Shīdā): Monera Seed can fire small lasers from the front part.
  • Mollusion (モルージョン, Morujon): The ship's main ability to convert any technologies into Alien Monera's liking. Used to convert Prometheus into Deathfacer.

Queen Monera
Queen Monela
  • Height: 258 m
  • Weight: 1,080,000 t
  • Origin: K3 District
  • Weakness: Queen Monera is immobile, making it vulnerable to continuous attacks.
Powers and Weapons
  • Tentacle: Queen Monera has many tentacles used to ensnare enemies, even able to grip into stronger opponents like Dyna Strong Type. She can also submerged her tentacles from underground.
    • Tentacle Bomb (テンタクルボム, Tentakuru Bomu): Queen Monera can fire blasts of energy from her numerous tentacles capable destroying entire buildings in one hit.
  • Abdomen Prison: Queen Monera can trapped her victims inside her abdomen.
  • QM Buster (QMバスター, Kyu Emu Basutā): Queen Monera can unleash this deadly form of electricity on victims trapped in her abdomen.
  • Crown Beam (クラウンビーム, Kuraun Bīmu): Queen Monera can fire a beam of energy from the two objects on her head that flies into the sky and then unleashes an devastating rain of powerful energy blast, each capable of destroying entire city blocks.


Queen Monera toys

Queen Monera

Queen Monera was released as a figure in a box set titled "The Warriors of The Star of Light" in conjunction with the movie. However, the figure was not made to scale and is very much undersized when compared to the Ultraman Tiga and Dyna 6 inch battle style figures that also came in the box set. The box set also came with a miniature Monera alien.


Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna: Warriors of the Star of Light[]

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