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Alien Migelon (ミゲロン星人 Migeron Seijin) Reda (レダ Reda) and Reka (レカ Reka) are aliens from Ultraman Cosmos. They appeared in episode 19.


Ultraman Cosmos

A member of the Alien Migelon by the name of Reda was traveling in his saucer with his fiance, Reka, when the derelict defense satellite Angelica fired on them. Unable to save Reka, Reda came to Earth to exact his revenge. Shortly after hypnotizing Ayano, Reda had her hijack the satellite Angelica to destroy Jermina III. EYES attempted to stop his plan only for shockwaves from his bracelet to knock them all out save for Musashi. Before Musashi could talk Reda out of destroying the satellite he summoned Angrilla to attack an oil refinery. Once Musashi turned into Ultraman Cosmos and left to fight Angrilla, it would seem as though Reda won until Reka revealed herself to have been hiding in Ayano's body. After she managed to talk Reda out of his attempt at revenge, he used the energy in his bracelet to cancel the satellite's collision. With his body at its limit, he collapsed and both of them turned into green light particles.


  • The prop which was used for the Alien Migelon spaceship was recycled from a 4th stage Sphere.


Alien Migelon Reda
Snap 0021.jpg
  • Length: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 68 kg
  • Origin: Planet Migelon
Powers and Weapons
  • Disguise: Reda can assume different disguises at will.
  • Bracelet: Reda has a bracelet on his right wrist that has multiple functions.
    • Mind Control: The bracelet can brainwash any human to serve the bearer by hitting the target with lightning.
    • Sabotage: The bracelet can fire beams that enables to paralyze/sabotage technologies.
    • Force Push: The bracelet can emit a force which can push an opponent away in a flash.
    • Angrilla Summon: Reda can summon the monster Angrilla from his bracelet, which is empowered by his anger.

Alien Migelon Reka
  • Length: 1.55 m
  • Weight: 43 km
  • Origin: Planet Migelon
Powers and Weapons
  • Possession: Reka can possess any human she wishes.


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