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Alien Llubihc (ルビック星人 Rubikku Seijin)[1] is a member of the Star of Darkness in the ULTRAMAN manga.



Alien Llubihc was present on earth during their invasion. It encountered Seiji Hokuto and Bemular, who initially dismissed its weak appearance. However, the alien revealed its control over gravity and temporarily incapacitated the two. They were saved by Adad, who was immune to its powers and simply strolled up to the alien, quickly killing it with his staff.


  • The alien is based on Alien Chibull.[2]
  • Alien Llubihc emits a soft high, pitched laughter when hovering and moving around.
  • Unlike the manga, in the anime version, Alien Llubihc only fought Seiji.
  • Alien Llubihc's voice is female in the original dub while male in the English dub.


Powers and Weapons
  • Gravity Control: The alien is capable of controlling gravity at select locations.
  • Levitation: The alien travels by levitating, as it lacks legs.
  • Laughing Spikes (anime): The alien can warp in multiple stone-like spiral-shaped spikes that emit a high-pitched laughing noise when fired and if picked up. The noise gets louder until it explodes.


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