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"Look, an Earth Defense Force aircraft patrol unit is approaching!"
"The Arctic is our territory. Nobody is supposed to set foot on it!

―Alien Kanan gloating Arctic as their personal territory.

Alien Kanan (カナン星人 Kanan Seijin) was an alien that appeared in Ultraseven episode 24.

Subtitle: Aurora Phantom (オーロラ怪人 Ōrora Kaijin)



After a bizarre plane crash in the arctic the UG went to investigate the matter. As they sent one of their fighters to investigate Alien Kanan used their lighthouse-like base to create an aurora and took control of an airliner. Shigeru Furuhashi who rode the UG plane was also stuck flying to a airline plane, but Dan was sent to help the situation. Alien Kanan used lasers to scare Dan off, but it did not work and the hero continued moving towards them. From that point Dan went on foot and used Windom against the Alien Kanan's base, but before any damage could be done the capsule monster was hit with the hypnosis beam and was sent against Dan, who then turned into Ultraseven. After tiring out Windom, Ultraseven used the Emerium Beam to break the hypnosis and sent him against Alien Kanan once more. Windom was forced back into his capsule after being hit with Alien Kanan's stun ray. Just then Alien Kanan launched his base like a rocket trying to escape to outer space, but Ultraseven followed them and destroyed the base with a single blast of the Wide Shot. Furuhashi luckily dodged the crash as Kanan's powers where gone.


  • Their home world is an ice world and their reason for invading the artic is because it was similar to their home planet's environment.
    • Due to this, their species is weak against heat.
  • All Alien Kanan that appeared in the episode were female. It was unknown if the Alien Kanan are a unisex race of only women like Alien Pitt or not.
  • The katakana in their name is the same as, and derived from, the katakana for Canaan.


  • Height: 1.8 m 
  • Weight: 62 kg 
  • Origin: Planet Kanan
Powers and Weapons
  • Cold Adaptation: Due to their homeworld was a low temperature environment, they can resist surroundings with low temperatures.
  • Rocket: Alien Kanan possessed a rocket that they disguised it as a lighthouse. The rocket base had several functions:
    • Technology control: Alien Kanan's rocket can control vehicles or robots like Windom. It can be unleashed either in a form of aurora or laser blasts.
    • Lasers: Alien Kanan's rocket can launch lasers that come in different colors.
    • Stun Ray: Alien Kanan's rocket can use a blue ray that can stun monsters, although it has very little, if any, effect on Ultras.


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