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Alien Kadder (カッダー星人 Kaddā Seijin) was a small time criminal that appeared in ULTRAMAN.



A small time crook, the alien broke into a warehouse and killed the guard, his action drew the attention of the SSSP who mobilized an extermination team to capture or destroy him. While he tried to snipe them from above, his tactic failed and he was forced to flee from their return fire, only to run into Shinjiro who took him down. The alien begged for his life and Hayata was merciful leaving him to be taken into custody.


  • While the species is permitted to travel throughout the Alliance, they are hunters by nature. Seemingly as a result of this, many of them turn to crime.
    • Alien Kadder's spike weapons are a replacement for the spears his people ordinarily use.
  • So far Alien Kadder was Shinjiro's shortest fight in the series.
  • Alien Kadder is possibly the first major alien in the series, to not be based off a prior alien/kaiju from the original series.
  • The character was replaced by Alien Robuton in the anime adaptation.


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Planet Kadder
Powers and Weapons
  • Spike Launcher: Alien Kadder was armed with an arm mounted weapon that fired spikes strong enough to puncture concrete.
  • Endurance: Alien Kadder survived being punched through a floor by Shinjiro. Other than that he does not appear to posses any super human abilities.



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