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Alien Green (グリーン星人 Gurīn hoshibito) is an alien that appeared in Fireman.

Subtitle: Wandering Alien (放浪宇宙人 Hōrō uchūjin)



The Alien Green set their sights on Earth consisting of a spy and two agents that wanted to use Green Giller to slay Fireman. The trio discussed how best to deal with him first, the spy kidnapping a village boy named Masao to distract the local townspeople. The Scientific Attack Force investigated, Misaki soon encountering radio receivers from Masao's discarded shoes. At a nearby river the Alien Green set a spring loaded trap that bounds Misaki by the ankles with a bomb set to go off. While Masao was released and found by the villagers, the three Alien Green taunted Misaki right as the Scientific Attack Force freed him before the bomb could go off. After that combat ensued, the two agents barely putting up a fight before they released Green Gillar from its blue capsule, the resulting explosion killing both of them and the spy dying from hitting his head on a rock.


Powers and Weapons
  • Radio Receivers: Alien Green can drop radio receivers to communicate to others long distances.
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