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Alien Gorgon (ゴルゴン星人 Gorugon Seijin) is an alien that appeared in Ultraman 80.

Subtitle: Skull Phantom (ドクロ怪人 Dokuro Kaijin)


Ultraman 80

A group of five aliens aiming to invade the Earth by killing UGM operatives across the globe. Their recent victim was Captain Oyama of UGM Japan, having slipped into the nation through Saramandora's attacks as their red herring. When their monster was destroyed, the Gorgons emerged from one of the salvageable cells where a lone operative try to assassinate Oyama in his private apartment by masquerading as European UGM member Mary Clark (マリー・クラーク Marī Kurāku). Although Oyama managed to kill the undercover agent, the deceased Gorgon remain in his disguise as his alternative plan to frame Oyama as a murderer.

As protesters gather in front of UGM base's gate, Takeshi exposed four of the mobsters to be the Gorgons in disguise and therefore proving Oyama's innocence. The Gorgons had no choice but to combine with the remaining Saramandora cell to revive their monster. Unfortunately, this became their undoing as Ultraman 80 incinerated Saramandora to its cells, therefore killing the Gorgons as well.


  • Actress (Mary Clark): Diane Balaklav


  • Height: Micro ~ 2 m
  • Weight: 0 ~ 120 kg
  • Origin: Planet Gorgon
Powers and Weapons
  • Size Change: The Alien Gorgons' signature abilities is to shrink into cellular levels. This allows them to use giant monsters like Saramandora as "transportation vessel" to slip into Earth undetected.
  • Human Disguise: The Gorgon can create a human disguise to blend in with society.
  • Fusion: The Alien Gorgons can combine with a salvaged Saramandora cell to revive the monster.


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