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Introduced after Izenborg flew into space for training, the Alien Godmes (ゴドメス星人 Godomesu Seijin) were aliens who travelled to Prehistoric Japan to invest in Earth's untouched and unspent natural resources.


Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon

Alien Godmes were highly evolved sentient plants who can live up to 300-400 years using nutrients. They use merciless means to obtain nutrients, and take away everything that seems to be nutrients, such as moisture and organic matter of planets. They are heterogeneous and can revive as clones even if killed. The population continued to increase greatly, thus they repeatedly invaded various planets to survive.

After the defeat of Gottes at the robotic hands of Izenborg, the Godmes Aliens figured out that Earth had the greatest potential for powering their weapons. So to conquer present day Earth, they went to Prehistoric Earth. However, the Koseidon Corps also had the secrets of time traveling and rushed to stop the alien invaders. After multiple defeats at the hands of Koseidon, the aliens finally gave up as a meteor was heading straight for the planet.


  • There is some question on whether or not these aliens are the same species as Gottes and his wife, Zobina.
  • After almost 30 years of not being recognized, one Godmes alien appeared in an Ultraman Land Stage Show. Here, he was a lower ranking alien, didn't have the armor of his superiors, and was friends with Ultraman Nice and Pigmon. He was humiliated by Ultraman Dyna and was killed by Gregore.
  • The Godmes that appeared in the stage show, was able to stop Ultraman Zero, Zamsher, Ultraman Dyna and Ultraman Leo by himself.

Ultraman Taiga

At some point after Koseidon's series, the Alien Godmes attacked Planet Chrono (惑星クロノ Wakusei Kurono) with the Koseidon Corps trying to repel them. Fortunately, the Tri-Squad arrived on the world and helped to foil another plot by the Godmes, sending them retreating back into space. Defeat Godmes


  • The voice drama's title is a pun on the first episode of Ultra Q, "Defeat Gomess!".


Other Members


  • Giant Battleship Galmus
  • Godmes Fighters
  • Dinosaur Tank Demoth


  • Height: 2.1 m
  • Weight: 75 kg
  • Origin: Planet Godmes
Powers and Weapons
  • Laser guns: Being from space, the Godomesu can fire lasers from hand held pistols.
  • Dinosaur Mind Control: Although very limited, the aliens can take over the mind of saurians and cause them to be mindless slaves.
  • Whip/Swords: A homage to Gottes, the aliens all have whip-like swords.


Dinosaur Squadron Koseidon


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