Alien Gigaru (ギガール星人 Gigāru Seijin) is an alien that appeared in Ultraman Dyna. Only one appeared, named Churasa (チュラサ Curāsā).

Subtitle (Churasa only): Planet Gigaru female warrior (ギガール星・女戦士 Gigāru-boshi On'na Senshi)


Ultraman Dyna

Ten years prior to the series, TPC pilot Miyata Sage rode the Snow White jet in order to investigate a planet named Planet Gigaru. Once arrived, he was attacked by Torongar until a female alien named Alien Gigaru Churasa appeared and saved him before Miyata left the planet later with her dying after being killed by the monster.

In the present, after Torongar arrived on Earth, Churasa's spirit runs her spaceship and gave Miyata her Gigaru gun and The Tear of Churasa, an emerald that can weaken Torongar. Now with a renewed spirit, he sets out to hunt the monster and avenge Churasa's death. Miyata later loaded the Tear of Churasa onto the Gigaru gun and fired on the monster's heart, making Torongar lost his regenerating ability and allow Ultraman Dyna to destroy it via Solgent Beam.


  • The origin of Churasa's name came from the Okinawan word for "beauty", signifying her as Miyata's lover.
  • Despite being portrayed by Michelle Gazepis, Churasa's voice was portrayed by Wakana Yamazaki.
  • The Tears of Churasa resembles the Stone of Baraji which was created by Ultraman Noa in the original Ultraman series.


  • Height: 160 cm
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Origin: Planet Gigaru
Powers and Weapons
  • Marksmenship: Being a hunter, Churasa is skilled in precision shooting with the use of her sniper rifle, Gigarl Gun (ギガール銃 Gigāru Jū).
  • Emerald creation: Trough unknown means, Churasa can create an emerald called Tear of Churasa (チュラサの涙 Churasa no Namida) that can weaken Torongar and even fixing a person's eyesight.
  • Astral Projection: After her death, Churasa's spirit can project herself from afterlife.
  • Spaceship: Churasa possessed a spaceship which she possibly used for transportation purpouses.
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