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Alien Doble (ドーブル星人 Dōburu Seijin) is an alien introduced in Ultraman Geed and is only seen on-screen for a limited time.


Ultraman Geed

An Alien Doble appeared in Ultraman Geed as an AIB undercover field agent field agent. When tasked with observing Kei Fukuide, Kei caught onto their plan and destroyed the device keeping the alien disguised. The forceful removal of the disguise caused it great pain and compromised the mission.


  • In his appearance in this series, he was mistakenly thought to be either an Alien Muzan or a Bugbuzun Brood by fans before his true identity as a new alien was discovered.
    • The thought of him being a Bugbuzun Brood was fairly close to the truth however, as Doble's head was remodeled from said Space Beast.
      • As an intentional or unintentional reference to this, Doble's katakana name is the katakana for 'Brood' rearranged.

Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect the Wishes!

Another Alien Doble appeared in this movie as one of the residents of the Alien City. He fought against Laiha Toba alongside the other aliens, only to be defeated later on.


Powers and Weapons
  • Human Disguise: Through the aid of a small broach-like device, Doble, and any other aliens around him, can disguise himself as a human to blend into society. Should the device be broken however, his disguise will be removed and cause him great pain.


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