Alien Dais (ダイス星人 Daisu Seijin) was one of Ultraman Dyna's aliens. He appeared in episode 7 "Friend In A Box".

Subtitle: Special agent (特別捜査官 Tokubetsu sōsa-kan)


Ultraman Dyna

After his home world and daughter fell to the hands of a Perfect Gyabish, Alien Dais tracked two of its offspring to Earth and killed one of them. Dais soon found the other Baby Gyabish that was adopted by a small girl, but before he could do anything he was knocked cold by Super GUTS and taken to their base. As Dais found the small alien in a glass box Yuka, the small girl tried to protect it and the rest of Super GUTS soon arrived in the room. The Baby Gyabish teleported with the small girl and was soon causing havoc as Perfect Gyabish. Once Dais explained why he's hunting them and soon rescued the small girl from inside Perfect Gyabish's head. Dais was shortly after destroyed by Perfect Gyanish's mouth needles, but his heroic efforts weren't in vain.


  • Cast: Seiji Mori
  • The Alien Dais mentioned that he had a daughter with a similar appearance to Yuka, the little girl that Gyabish ate, making him determined to sacrifice himself to save the girl from the monster.


  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Origin: Planet Dais
Powers and Weapons
  • Teleportation: Alien Dais can teleport using a fireball.
  • Stun Ray: Alien Dais can fire a beam that can stun a human.
  • Laser Gun: Alien Dais possesses a small laser gun that can cause small explosions.
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