Alien Cosmonet (コスモネット星人 Cosmonet Seijin) is an alien species that debuted in Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy. A member named Yamada (ヤマダ) appeared in episode 9 as a cosmic salesman.

Subtitle: Cosmo TV Shopping Man (コスモテレビショッピングの男 Kosumo Terebi Shoppingu no Otoko)


Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

Yamada was one of many aliens that advertised throughout the galaxy in their own space ship. One of his ads was broadcasted on Earth to a woman in Japan after the signal was beamed to her satellite dish. She ordered a product Yamada advertised that was a drink that turned its consumer beautiful. However, upon the woman drinking too much she started to age backward. Panicking, she ran through the streets of Tokyo until she found Yamada who was wandering around the city. After aggressive tactics were used on him Yamada gave the woman a drink that reversed the effects and floated back into space.


Powers and Weapons
  • Spaceship: Yamada has his own ship that he used for marketing.
  • Levitation: Alien Cosmonet can levitate.
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