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Alien Chamuda (チャムダ星人 Chamuda Seijin), more commonly known as the Slender Man, these frail beings hail from the planet Chamuda, in the same system as Planet Vo-Da.


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On the edge of space, there was a solar system that housed two planets with civilizations: one was planet Vo-Da the other was planet Chamuda. The people of Vo-Da recognized their physical superiority over their neighbors and started an invasion. They were held back however by the power of Oripham, an object of power and great importance to the blue skinned race. However, the Vo-da aliens managed to steal it, unable to destroy it, they flung it into space and it landed on Earth were several of the Chamuda had taken refuge. A race was one between the two races to recover the object, leaving several natives of Chamuda dead, the one sent to retrieve managed to claim it, allowing him to assist Jin in destroying the foul creature in his Ultra form. However though the war ended, it did not end in peace as it escalated to a point that both planets were destroyed, leaving both species extinct or endangered.


  • Alien Chamuda is the first instance of an alien species migrating to Earth and living peacefully, with mankind, something not seen again until the 2011 manga ULTRAMAN.
  • A departure from most aliens, Chamuda is actually weaker than the average human.
  • In their debut episode their name was given as Slender Man and was even called that in the credits.
  • The Slender Man's remark at the end of the episode implies they were either just as war like as their neighbors naturally or from years at war, bringing into question how the war actually started.
  • Their nickname "Slender Man" comes from the fact that they are so weak and skinny compared to humans. It has nothing to do with the Creepypasta figure of the same name.


  • Height: 1.8 m
  • Weight: 65 kg
Powers and Weapons

Alien Chamuda have absolutely no special powers, in fact they are physically weaker than the average human.

  • Disguise: Their only special ability, they can conceal their third eye and change their skin tone to appear human.
  • Oripham: An object of great importance to them, with it in possession Alien Chamuda was able to project a light that weakened Alien Vo-Da. He later said that with it they could annihilate their enemies, implying it bestowed them great powers.
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