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Alien Carpcis (コイシス星人 Koishishu Seijin) is an alien that appeared in the series Ultraman Cosmos. Despite this only one appeared, named June (ジュネ June).

Subtitle: Peace civilized people (平和文明人 Heiwa bunmei jin)


Ultraman Cosmos

One of he Carpcis race, June along with Sangelu crashed on to earth and succumbed to earths atmosphere, which made it impossible to make shields and hide. While Sangelu appeared in the city one day, Mushashi confronted her on top of a building and was attacked and his Cosmos Pluck was taken. Mushashi confronted her again using a machine to help the monster, but teleported away. He confronted her again and accidentally shot her and enraged the monster, despite still being to afraid to move. The last time he confronts her is when she tells him about Sangelu. With that in mind, Team EYES helped make another shield for the monster, but rammed into some electrical towers and lost his shield. Now an angry monster he attacked and shot fire balls everywhere. Ultraman Cosmos appeared to protect June and soon after a long battle calmed him and made another shield for him. As both left to be saved by more Alien Carpcis, she thanked them, for their kindness in helping Sangelu.


  • Cast: Shiori Kanzaki
  • Prior to the episode, she was mentioned to go on a way back to her home planet after a trip to Planet Srayu, which was the home planet of Alien Srayu in the same season.


  • Height: 170 cm
  • Weight: 42 kg
  • Origin: Planet Carpcis
Powers and Weapons
  • Energy Pulse: June can shot a pulse of energy from her hands.
  • Shield: With the help of a generator machine, June can make shields to hide just like Sangelu.
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