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Alien Black (ブラック星人 Burakku Seijin) was an alien from Planet Black in Return of Ultraman, he first appeared in episode 40.

Subtitle: Freezing Phantom (冷凍怪人 Reitō Kaijin)


Return of Ultraman

Alien Black came to capture Earth for his kind, and unleashed his bioweapon, the monster Snowgon. As MAT attacked, Snowgon (in her Snow Woman form) froze the members of MAT. She also froze Go, but he managed to shoot her. This prompted Alien Black to summon Snowgon in her true form, though Go was able to transform into Jack to fight Snowgon as well. After a deadly battle in which Snowgon seemingly tore Jack to pieces, Jack's Ultra Bracelet came to the rescue, and revived him. Eventually Jack was able to bring Snowgon down by transforming his bracelet into the Ultra Defender to deflect Snowgon's mist back towards her, and destroyed the monster after she was frozen solid. Enraged, Black slammed his arms together and shouted in disbelief, but this was a fatal mistake, as this display caught Jack's attention. before Black could escape, Jack fired a Palm Fireball and destroyed the alien in a fiery explosion. Winter of Horror Series - Phantom Snow Woman


  • Voice actor: Hiro Yadorikisan
  • Designer: Akihiko Iguchi

Alien Black's face


  • Height: 2.1 m
  • Weight: 99 kg
  • Origin: Planet Black
Powers and Weapons
  • Snowgon Summon: Alien Black can summon Snowgon at will.
  • Freezing Powers: Although not seen, it is referenced by Ragon that Alien Black had freezing powers.


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