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Alien Barog (バローグ星人 Barōgu Seijin) was an alien that tried to take over Earth in Fireman.

Subtitle: Laser Alien (レーザー宇宙人 Rēzā uchūjin)



Seeking to conquer Earth, the aliens travelled there in their spaceship, and eventually came upon Mizushima's grandfather and his grandfather's daughter. The former was a robotics expert from World War 2, who was tasked with building a hydrogen bomb for Imperial Japan. Instead the older Mizushima faked his death and secluded himself on a deserted island, the same one where Fireman first battled. There, he came upon a fossil of a Tyrasaurus and sought to create a robotic replica of it, called Taro.

While building it was easy enough for him, he lacked the needed Uranium to power the massive robot. This was where the Barog aliens stepped in. In exchange for him building ten million robotic replicas of Japanese citizens they supplied him with the needed Uranium. Eventually they kidnapped the young Dr. Saburo Mizushima, a member of SAF, and replaced him with a robot. Eventually the rest of SAF was drawn to the island and into the elder Mizushima's lab, where the alien cornered them with a laser pistol and explained the situation. However, when the older Mizushima began to reveal information about their robot replica plan, the alien shot him in the stomach.

He turned to the others, SAF and the elder Mizushima's daughter, ready to also kill them. However Saburo, who was previous tied up, freed himself and destroyed Taro's control system, causing the robot dinosaur to rampage, causing a cave in. Forced to retreat, the alien escaped to his comrades' spaceship that had just arrive.

While Tyrasaurus was easily defeated by Fireman, the aliens attempted to attack him via their ship's weapons, only to be destroyed by his Fire Flash attack.


  • Height: 1.9 m
  • Weight: 200 kg
  • Origin: Planet Barog
Powers and Weapons
  • Laser Gun: Alien Barogu has a laser gun that he can use at any time.



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