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Alien Baladon (バラドン星人 Baradon Seijin) were a team of green dwarf aliens in The☆Ultraman.

Subtitle: Space Demon (宇宙悪魔 Uchū Akuma)



Despite their timid physiology, the Baladons are nonetheless a group of dangerous aliens that made their reputation in destroying conquered planets. While on their way to Planet U40, the Baladons were met with resistances from the seven chosen warriors, including Elek and Loto. Realizing that the tides have turned, the Baladons teleported away from U40's system and shifted their focus to Earth.

On Earth, the Baladons prepare to use the 6 monsters that they body-snatched from the Monster Graveyard. Five of these monsters however only interested in fighting among themselves but nonetheless managed to give a chase against the intruding Science Guard Party and military fighters. With all of their monsters perished, the Baladon leader commanded his kin to escape from Earth but Ultraman Joneus and the rest of the chosen 7 warriors intercept their asteroid at the last minute.


  • Voice actors: Shigeru Chiba and Shozo Iizuka
  • It is rather interesting that four of the six monsters that the Baladons revived were notable for being made from reused suits. Case in point, the Red King became Aboras and Arstron became Ghostron.


  • Height: 2.01 - 2.07 m
  • Weight: 410 - 452 kg
  • Origin: Asteroid Baladon
Powers and Weapons
  • Machine Gun: Alien Baladons can be equipped with a machine gun.
  • Asteroid Baladon (小惑星バラドン Shōwakusei Baradon): Their mobile base, an asteroid which is spacious enough to be as big as an island and can store six monsters.
    • Revival: The Asteroid Baladon has a facility that functions in reviving monsters that were body-snatched from the Monster Graveyard.
    • Teleport: The mobile base can teleport as means to evade capture.
  • Monster Army: The Baladon's actual force of combatant were six past monsters from past Ultraman Series. They were; Red King, Aboras, Banila, Arstron, Ghostron and Gokinezula. Since the Baladons have no actual control over the army, neither of them participated in Baladon's invasion campaign and fought among themselves.
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