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"This is the Emperor of the Universe, Alien Bado. I have been here once before to your galaxy. But back then Planet Earth was just a ball of fire. There were no living beings in your galaxy, except on Pluto. However, we annihilated them, because no other beings other than us should be in this galaxy. As this is the case... Of course, Earth is next."

―Alien Bado to Dr. Miyabe, "Project Blue"

Alien Bado (バド星人 Bado Seijin) are an alien race from the planet Bado, that first appeared in episode 19 of the TV series Ultraseven.

Subtitle: Space Emperor (宇宙帝王 Uchū Teiō)



According to Alien Bado, his people visited Earth's solar system, back when Earth was still forming. They wiped out the only form of life in the system at the time, on Pluto. They did this because they believed that no other form of life should exist besides their species.


Alien Bado was an alien who referred to himself as "The Emperor of Space." He planned on destroying the Earth with his fleet of soldiers and their spacecrafts. However, Bado's comrades were unable to reach the Earth's surface thanks to an orbital energy barrier surrounding it known as "Project Blue," created by Dr. Miyabe of the Ultra Guard, forcing Bado to launch his invasion attempt alone. Angered by Miyabe's creation, Alien Bado invaded the scientist's summer house and transformed it into a ship, where he tormented Dr. Miyabe as Bado searched for the blueprints to Project Blue. Once the Ultra Guard found out about Bado's infiltration, they soon arrived on the scene to investigate what was happening, but before they could find any leads, Bado emerged and began menacing the UG, alongside Dr. Miyabe's wife, with his pistol. During the commotion, Dan transformed into Ultraseven to stop Alien Bado himself, but the alien noticed Ultraseven's presence and so tried to escape Earth with his prisoners. Luckily, Ultraseven grew into his giant size and was able to crash the ship out of the Earth’s atmosphere. However, Bado wasn’t finished yet and he morphed into a giant form to battle Ultraseven as well, grappling and throwing rocks at him before resorting to his spiked knuckle-duster-like weapon. Eventually once an opening was found, Ultraseven hit Bado with one strong punch in the face, knocking Bado into the air and on top of Ultraseven, who then held him up high and slammed him back onto the ground on his head, paralysing and mortally injuring the alien. After coughing up blood, Bado breathed his last.


  • Alien Bado is the first villainous race that desired to destroy Earth, not conquer it, for no other reason than because they could.
  • Alien Bado is one of the monsters that makes up Belyudra's back in Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legends The Movie.
  • Alien Bado was referred to as "Wayne, Lord of the Universe" in the TNT Dub of Ultraseven.
  • In the subtitled version of Ultraseven, when Dr. Miyabe asks who is the unknown voice talking to him, Alien Bado says, "This the King of the Universe, the Budd."
  • Alien Bado said that he hadn't visited Earth since it was a ball of fire and gas. Alien Bado, in theory, would have to be at least 4.5 billion years old if he visited Earth before any forms of life existed.
  • The design of Alien Bado was said to have been influenced by American Special Effects work.
  • Bado's battle with Seven was said to be heavily inspired by professional wrestling.
  • Originally, multiple human sized Bados were to appear and later merge to form one giant entity at the end of the episode.
  • Alien Bado appeared in episode 23 of Space Ghost Coast to Coast, when Space Ghost attempted to get Mystery Science Theater 3000's former host, Joel Hodgson, to make fun of a film with him.
  • Their title of "Space Emperor" has been subject to ridicule, especially among the Japanese fandom, because of the original's ridiculous actions in the battle against Ultraseven, the species' roles in future appearances, as well as the appearance of other, much more rightfully titled "Emperors" such as Alien Temperor, and later Alien Empera himself.
  • Alien Bado is one of three aliens from the Ultraman Series to appear in a 1996 stage show, assisting Alien Baltan and Alien Pitt in a massive attack on Earth, collaborating with Shocker and even the space monsters, Bemstar and Gigan from Toho. During the huge brawl, Alien Bado is once again, defeated by Ultraseven.

Ultraman Geed

11 bado.jpg

Alien Bado was a sniper hired by Kei Fukuide to kill Laiha Toba, but ended up being killed by flying debris during Geed's battle with Pedanium Zetton. The Geed Identity


  • Voice actor: Holly Kaneko
  • Bado's position was meant to be taken by a Cicada Woman, but an unused Bado mask was found from previously unusable circumstances and used instead.

Ultraman R/B

Alien Bado was among the aliens interviewed by Alien Mefilas and Alien Zarab on Saki Mitsurugi's plan to turn Earth into a bomb. More members of their species also appeared for minor comedic moments, and had a civil war over one of Ushio Minato's shirts. A World Without Tomorrow

Ultraman Taiga

Alien Bado El-Ray

A hitman named El-Ray (エル・レイ Eru Rei)[1] was hired by Alien Zetton Zolin of the Villain Guild to assassinate Professor Sachiko Motomiya, who was creating a device that could distinguish aliens from humans. Just as he was about to snipe at her, Mystie appeared and pushed Sachiko out of the way before taking her elsewhere. Hiroyuki Kudo went to fight him, but he called Aribunta from underground to take him away, escaping for now. He went back to Zolin to report to him, but was reprimanded. Later, El-Ray returns, holding Sachiko at gunpoint to corner Mystie. He calls Aribunta again, but it is dealt with by the combined effort of Ultraman Titas and Ultraman Taiga. El-Ray and his subordinate are defeated by Mystie, Homare Soya and Inspector Sakura, who arrests him. Sand Castle


  • Voice actor: Keita Tada

Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax

After hearing from Foreign Affairs X that Hiroyuki was being targeted by remnants of the Villain Guild, Kana Sasaki set out to find them in order to protect her employee. She came across them at their hideout and asked them nicely for information, but things took a violent turn as a fight broke out. Fortunately, Kana was joined by Gai Kurenai, who helped her fight off Alien Zelan, Alien Bado and Alien Ckalutch. They interrogated them after their defeat, and found out that they wanted to steal the Ultramen's Bracelets to sell them off and escape the Earth when Grimdo arrived. Ultraman Taiga The Movie: New Generation Climax


  • Height: 2 ~ 40 m
  • Weight: 80 kg ~ 5,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Bado
  • Weakness: Alien Bado is a cowardly fighter, often resorting to dirty or underhanded tactics when faced with an unbeatable foe. For example, he will resort to throwing rocks or using Brass Knuckles.
Powers and Weapons
  • Explosive Device/Fire Bomb: Alien Bado is equipped with a bomb that is capable of destroying Planet Earth. However, the bomb was taken by Ultraseven into space.
  • Flying Saucer: Alien Bado can use a Flying Saucer to travel to different planets or attempt to escape danger.
  • Flying Saucer Blade: Alien Bado's defense mechanism against beings trying to infiltrate his ship is a Metal Circular Blade that is shown to cut through metal when Ultraseven tried to stop it.
  • Confession Beam: Alien Bado can use the Confession Beam to make his subjects confess or reveal the truth towards something. However, it can be resisted as Dr. Miyabe was able to resist its effects.
  • Invisibility: Alien Bado can become invisible at will. This will be turned off upon death.
  • Size Change: Alien Bado can increase his own size to match that of his opponents.
  • Needle Gun (ニードルガン Nīdoru Gan): Alien Bado is equipped with a pistol that can shoot small yellow energy blasts.
  • Space Meriken (宇宙メリケン Uchū Meriken): Alien Bado carries with him a pair of spiked brass knuckles that he uses in combat.
Ultraman Geed
  • Space Rifle (宇宙ライフル Uchū Raifuru): Bado has a sniper rifle in his inventory.

Other Media



Alien Bado are the footsoldiers of the Star of Darkness. During their invasion of earth, scores of the aliens were deployed to combat the SSSP Ultras and their many allies. However, despite their numbers, the Bado were swiftly eliminated by their opponents.




Ultraman Geed

Ultraman R/B



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