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Alien Atler (アトラー星人 Atorā Seijin) was an alien in Ultraman Leo.

Subtitle: Black Flower Alien (黒い花の星人 Kuroi Hana no Seijin)


Ultraman Leo

An evil alien from Planet Atler, Alien Atler came to Earth and took her human disguise. She first hide herself at a greenhouse before her cover was blown due to the alien emitting vague noises. In response after Toru and his friend entered her greenhouse hideout, she paralyses one of them and later went to the road, freezing the female driver, Member Momi a member of MAC. She was later detected again and this time, ventured to the house of Gen's girlfriend and roamed around the house while Gen's girlfriend tried her best to hide. After MAC came to her house, the alien quickly hide and Gen's girlfriend was safe but Alien Atler turned large and went on a rampage. The battle between MAC and giant Atler continued till the sunrise as Gen finally decided to transform. Both Ultra and alien's strength were on par even with the help of Dan's Ultra Physic. After Dan exhausted, Alien Atler finally took this opportunity to defeat Leo easily and fired him with her light of fear, freezing Leo's legs. After that, she rammed Leo, forcing the Ultra to cancel his transformation and her retreat.

Both Dan and Gen later tracked her in a city where it was severely damaged in her rampage. The two piloted a fighter jet and fired the alien with everything they had. As their fighter split into two, Gen rammed into her chest with his fighter, and transformed into Leo. He quickly destroyed her with a fireball, and a giant black orchid grew where she had fallen.


  • Black Orchid Woman actress: Yuri Hoshino.
  • Her alien form has a a sped up Ultra Q Ragon roar.


Alien Atler
Alien Atler.png
  • Height: 51 m
  • Weight: 29,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Atler
Powers and Weapons
  • Light of Fear: Alien Atler can fire missile-strength blasts of energy from the orchid from her chest. When it hit a target, they will turn into statues but this only had a small effect on Ultras, only freezing their legs due to their size.
  • Human Disguise: Alien Atler can create a human disguise that looks like a human girl with the left side of their face appearing to be metallic.

Black Orchid Woman
Black Orchid Woman.jpg

Black Orchid Woman (黒い蘭の女 Kuroi Ran no Onna) is the human form of Alien Atler.

  • Height: 1.6 m
  • Weight: 60 kg
  • Origin: Planet Atler
Powers and Weapons
  • Black Orchid: The Black Orchid Woman had a black orchid on her cloth. The orchid enable her to do these:
    • Light of Fear: When needed, Black Orchid Woman can emit a swirling ray of energy from her flower. This ray will coat whatever it hits in a some sort of silver-colored metal, capable of welding limbs to the ground or turn people into statues.
    • Transform: With the orchid, she can revert back to her true form.


Ultraman Leo


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