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Alien Atla was an alien that appeared in Fireman episode 16.



Two Alien Atla arrived to Earth one day with the intention of slaying Fireman. After observing his fight against Nerogiras and discovering his human identity, the Alien Atla began setting a trap for him. The aliens used their monster, Long Neck, to scare two children at a nearby lake followed by kidnapping one to brainwash. The young girl was given an electric baton after the process was complete with the goal of killing Misaki. The girl called out to Fireman while Long Neck attacked the Scientific Attack Force. The girl failed to kill him, but managed to steal the Fire Stick and run off with it. The Scientific Attack Force then found the Alien Atla saucer, Long Neck was unleashed to fight them. As both Alien Atla attempted to take the Fire Stick Misaki attacked them. During the battle the brainwashed girl became confused and shot one of the Alien Atla in the back as he ran with the Fire Stick. Before long Misaki managed to punch out both aliens out and retrieve the Fire Stick, the results turning the girl back to normal and causing both Alien Atla to disintegrate.


  • Origin: Alta Star
Powers and Weapons
  • Jumping: Alien Atla can jump very high into the air.
  • Saucer: Alien Atla travel around in a flying saucer that can fire a yellow energy beam from the top.
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