Alien Argo
Alien Argo
Home world: Argo Star
First Appearance: Ultraman 80 Episode 27 "Terror of the White Devil"
Latest Appearance: None
Height: 45 m
Weight: 60,000 t
Category: Kaiju
Affiliation: None
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Alien Argo (アルゴ星人 Arugo Seijin) is an alien that appears in Ultraman 80.

Subtitle: Foam Alien (泡星人 Awa Seijin)


  • Height: 2 ~ 45 m
  • Weight: 59 kg ~ 60,000 t


Ultraman 80

Some million years ago, the Argo Star collapsed into a black hole. Ever since then, the Argo have wandered through the universe seeking carbon dioxide. They consumed the knowledge of all sorts of species in order to evolve, and reached a formless evolution.

One entered a spaceship returning to earth and possessed its occupant, a professor. It then went to earth as foam and began to consume the knowledge of the humans. Takeshi met the professor, and followed him home. The alien, however, managed to trap the ultra, and went on a rampage, taking on form and consuming the knowledge of more humans.

UGM attacked, but the monster managed to take two planes out before Takeshi broke out of his bondage. He transformed into 80 and engaged Argo. Soon, the alien learned taking on a physical form was a mistake, as the ultra used his aversion to light as an advantage. Thrown back, the alien was destroyed by 80's specium beam.


  • Human possesion: Matsu Goro
  • Alien Argo's ability to fire organic missiles from is back could be a reference to Verokron from Ultraman Ace.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Beams: Argo can fire missile-strength beams of energy from his eyes.
  • Foam: Argo can emit a steady stream of thick white foam from his mouth.
    • Possesion: Using its foam form, Alien Argo can posses a body, leave it and comeback to it at will.
  • Organic Missiles: Argo can fire organic missiles from his back.
  • Size Change: Argo can size-change.

Weakness: It's first weakness is light, bright flashes of light weaken the alien. It's second is that when it possesses humans Argo's shadow will appear instead of the human's.


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