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Alien Alpha (アルファ星人 Arufa Seijin) were an alien race that appeared in Ultraman Leo.

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Ultraman Leo

A peaceful alien race that loved humanity, each four years a representative of them, Nike Goddess (ニケの女神 Nike no megami), would came to Earth to bless the Earthlings. However, Northsatan, a bounty hunter alien, tried to kill them. When she was on board a ship, Kitayama - a MAC member defended her from being killed by Northsatan. Feeling in debt, she gave him the Statue of Victory as a gift at the same time fell in love with him.

Four years later, she landed on Earth and tried to pinpoint her comrade in their spacecraft to their landing spot. But Northsatan appeared and stopped them since he was still hired for his award. Luckily for her Gen and Kitayama (now a MAC officer) arrived. Kitayama rescued her from the giant alien but later getting himself being badly hurt by it's spears. Gen kept firing on him, forcing him into retreat under purple smoke. As Gen went to the injured Kitayama, he realized that the Nike Goddess is an alien via his Ultra sense as she went away. After being told by Kitayama about his history with Nike Goddess, Gen tracked her where she tried to run from him but stopped after Gen revealed his true identity as Ultraman Leo. Felt relief, she revealed that she was in love with Kitayama and tried to get away from him so that he would not be threatened by Northsatan. After being encouraged by Gen/Leo, she decided to visit Kitayama again in the hospital. But the reunion would have been cut short when Northsatan appeared in the city and heading towards the hospital they resided. In order to save Kitayama and everyone, she surrendered in front of Northsatan. But Gen as Ultraman Leo soon attacked him but was quickly overpowered by the villain's needles. Northsatan later came to get her once again, when she was prepared to sacrifice her to end the carnage. However, first MAC and then Leo arrived to stop him once more, successfully killing him. Nike Goddess thanked him and requested the Ultra to lift her back to her home planet.



  • Height: 1.68 m
  • Weight: 47 kg
  • Origin: Planet Alpha
Powers and Weapons
  • Spacecraft: The Alien Alpha rode a spacecraft as a transportation to Earth.


Ultraman Leo

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