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Alien Adacic (エイダシク星人 Eidashiku Seijin) is the second opponent Shinjiro faced, he proved to be a powerful opponent for him. This alien was a serial killer feeding on several humans.



NOTE: Due to there being several differences between the manga and anime adaptation, the History section has been split into two tabs.


Alien Adacic explaining his motive

The people of Adacic were forbidden to live on earth with other aliens, forcing them to sneak in, like the individual that fought Shinjiro, a serial killer. This creature took to feeding on humans, killing them in a gruesome manner. His activities were eventually noticed by the SSSP who sent an extermination team headed by agent Moroboshi. However at the last minute Shinjiro was sent in to kill the monster. The young man entered the alien's domain to see several victims of varying ages and the creature finishing of the latest victim of his murder spree. Unfortunately for Shinjiro, the alien was much more agile than the young Ultraman, knocking him down and belittling him. Eventually the two went at it with Adacic firing his energy blasts and Shinjiro using his Spacium Beam in a fit of rage. Unfortunately the alien dodged the attack and flew through the hole in the roof the beam made with the Ultra Hybrid flying after him.

The continued battle between the two caused the destruction of several buildings and caused the pair to land in the middle of a traffic jam in full view of the public. It was at this time Adacic pointed out several things for the sake of undermining Shinjiro's confidence. He noted that he was done fighting and that he was leaving with the intention of staying out of public view, as it would make hunting easier, Shinjiro on the other hand had forced him and therefore their battle in the public, going against SSSP strategy and endangering civilian lives. As the alien spoke he knew his words were having the effect it desired. However all his efforts were undone by the words of Rena, a pop idol whose car Shinjiro had landed on. The young woman gave Shinjiro back his confidence annoying the alien causing him to fire plasma bombs at her and her agent. Shinjiro defended them with his Spacium Blades and took the famous fighting stance both of his fathers used in combat and declared he was Ultraman.

Alien Adacic's end

Adacic laughed at the statement, saying he would be glad to get to kill 'Ultraman'. Then he turned sour as he spoke out loud that someone had manipulated events to set him against Shinjiro. Angry he fired his pincers and threw a volley of plasma bombs at Shinjiro forcing him onto the defensive. Shinjiro was knocked into a building and when the alien saw a red light he believed it was the Color Timer. He was right to a point, the red light symbolized that Shinjiro had removed his limiter. In a flash the alien lost his left arm and saw Shinjiro's glowing form. Angry he jump up into the air and fired at Shinjiro who jumped after him and kick him in the chin knocking him further up and then finished him of with an enhanced Spacium Beam.

Despite his death the alien still left a lingering effect on the SSSP, Shinjiro was forced to deal with the fact that he had killed someone for the first time. Ide's investigation revealed that his victims were tagged on the back of their necks and most were young girls and children. Ide and Ed concluded that there was a criminal organization behind it. They concluded from his disguise that Adacic was unable to 'purchase' these black market goods and hunted the victims himself, hence his disguise. It was also revealed that there were hundreds of victims with barcodes so far making it clear he could not have committed all of those murders.


Alien Adacic was a serial killer who disguised as a security guard to get around, and ate humans as food. Dan Moroboshi and other SSSP members were sent to exterminate it but they ultimately requested for Shinjiro Hayata instead. He walked in on the alien feeding on humans and was left horrified. Being Ultraman Isn't So Bad Shinjiro quickly rushed in to attack, enraged at the sight of so many human corpses. However, Adacic had the upper hand and was nearly untouchable, and mocked Shinjiro for being a "fake Ultraman". Adacic later takes the fight to the city nearby, disrupting traffic as they fought. Adacic temporarily stopped to mock Shinjiro for his incompetence and nearly kills Rena Sayama after she cheers Shinjiro on, and claims to be excited to be the one who would kill Ultraman. Adacic later resumes his attack on Shinjiro, driving him into a corner. With very little options left, Ide released the Ultraman Suit's limiter, pushing Shinjiro's powers to their limits. Taking it as a danger warning instead, Adacic thought he was winning until Shinjiro promptly sliced his left arm off, enraging the alien. Despite going all out trying to kill Shinjiro, Adacic was finally finished off with a Spacium Beam that obliterated him. Release the Limiter!


  • Adacic is a reversed spelling of Cicada in reference to the Cicada Human from Ultra Q whose costume was later altered into the first Alien Baltan suit.
  • This alien's species is an offshoot to the original Alien Baltans, the different name is because some of the Baltan have made colonies on other planets. His race is apparently forbidden from traveling to Earth by the Star Cluster Alliance, as they are highly aggressive.
    • The Alien Adacics are a crossbreed between the Alien Baltans and the Cicada Humans which is why the people of Adacic have stripes and human-like hands. It is also why they do not possess the ability to change size.
    • Alien Adacic is the first instance of a cross-species alien.
      • He is also the first alien (in the manga at least) to be based on another alien(s) as opposed to a Kaiju.
  • Just as the original Ultraman's second enemy was Alien Baltan, Alien Adacic was Shinjiro's.
  • Instead of the normal pincers, Alien Adacic has a mechanical pair that fold out of his arms. These are bracers, meaning unlike the Baltans who have natural biological pincers, Adacic's are purely mechanical. These were described as having been built from scraps on earth, as the alien could not have brought them with him.
  • Despite being a simple criminal, Alien Adacic was rather intelligent, being able to deduce that he was being used. Also his mechanical pincers are his own creations, created on Earth from parts he scavenged.
  • Adacic's behavior is a departure from that of other Baltans, they were usually conquerors or anti-heroes in some form, often their acts were to find a home for their species. All of their evil acts had a purpose behind them. However, this individual simply fed on humans for no understandable reason. It was later discovered that the nutrients he wanted from humans was easily accessible in the form of food packs sold in the alien city and he was just a petty criminal. Also, in the Japanese version of the manga, his tone is very childish, something that is lost in translation, where he acts more arrogantly before becoming whiny as he is defeated.
  • Another departure is that Adacic was being manipulated from behind the scenes, something he clearly states. Baltans are normally the masterminds of their plots and are even seen by some as the archenemies to the Ultras.


  • Height: 210 cm
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Planet Adacic
Powers and Weapons
  • Plasma Weapons: Adacic possesses mechanical two-pronged plasma weapons on his wrists, which he uses in either melee combat or to fire energy blasts.
  • Tongue: Adacic was shown to have a long telescopic tongue that it used to feed on several humans. The process required it placing its tongue down the victim's throat as it drained the victim of bodily fluids.
  • Superhuman Strength: Adacic possessed efficient strength to knock Shinjiro onto the ground in full armor with a kick. How it compares to normal human is unknown but he was able to overpower his victims and feed on them.
  • Agility: Adacic possessed agility that allowed him to dodge Shinjiro's punch, kick him onto the ground and jump onto a very high platform with ease. Like Shinjiro, Adacic can jump great heights and distances and land without injury.
  • Mimic: Adacic uses some sort of disguise to pose as a normal security guard, so that he can get around without suspicion.
  • Cloning: Adacic can somehow clone himself into multiple copies. Exclusive to the anime adaptation.

Manga and Anime Differences

  • Adacic's cloning ability is exclusive to the anime adaptation.
  • In the manga, Adacic is occasionally seen having pupils in his eyes, which can also squint. These features are absent in the anime adaptation.


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