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Alexis・Kerib (アレクシス・ケリヴ Arekushisu Kerivu)[1] is the main antagonist of SSSS.GRIDMAN and is the spiritual successor of Kahn Digifer.


On the surface, Alexis acts in a gentlemanly way and speaks in a calm, polite way to everyone he meets. However, he is really a manipulator who had been using Akane's negative emotions from the very beginning.

Additionally, being immortal has left him with a deep emptiness that he feels can only be satisfied by seeing the ideals of people being crushed over and over again, which is why he helps Akane create Kaiju in the first place. Once he had no more use of Akane, he tried to flee and find another person to leech off.



Alexis・Kerib was a malevolent immortal being who reveled in the negative emotions of others. At some point, he found Akane Shinjo, who harbored within her what Alexis sought. Using her, he helped her create a supposedly perfect world, but he knew that she could not control everything, and imperfections were bound to exist. Alexis once fought Gridman, who was chasing him from the Hyper World, and won, having split up his consciousness into parts.


Alexis was first seen in a computer screen, commenting that the model of Ghoulghilas made by Akane was quite good. He then turned it into a giant using his powers. Awakening Alexis helps Akane create the various Kaiju throughout the series. Secretly, he was simply using Akane's Kaiju to destroy the city and have it rebuilt every time, simply for his enjoyment.

Later on, Akane invites Yuta out for a meal, where they are joined by Alexis. Much to Yuta's surprise, no one takes notice of the alien figure, implying he has a similar cloaking ability as the Illusion Monsters. Just as Yuta's about to eat, his Primal Acceptor goes off, revealing a Kaiju is attacking. Akane goes home, confused that a Kaiju is attacking without her creating it, and Alexis reveals to her that Anti was the one who designed this creature and asked him to bring it to life, much to Akane's displeasure. After Gridman and Sky Vitter destroy Diriver and beat Anti again, Alexis directly confronts Anti, who punishes the human lookalike by stealing his buzzsaw and slashing his face. Scheme

Alexis continued to create Kaiju designed by Akane and, towards the end, pushed her into creating more despite her being reluctant to. Collapse After Akane loses the will to make more Kaiju, Alexis revives many Kaiju that were previously defeated by Gridman. When all of them are defeated, he uses his Instance Abreaction on Akane, turning her into a Kaiju. Decisive Battle

Rikka confronts him but Alexis reveals to her that she is simply a manufactured imitation, a Repli-Compoid. His words fail to phase Rikka. Anti rescues Akane from her Kaiju form but just as he does, Alexis impales him with a massive sword and swallows Akane with his cloak. Absorbing her negative emotions, Alexis evolved into Giant Alexis・Kerib. He fought Gridman, who had regained his true form, and was initially winning until Gridman realized his true power was not simply to attack and destroy, but also to repair and mend. With that, Gridman blasted Alexis with the Grid Fixer Beam, clearing Akane's heart and thus weakening Alexis. In a final clash, Gridman won and all that was left of Alexis was a smoking shard, which was sealed away and taken back by Gridman and the Neon Genesis Junior High Students to the Hyper World. Awakening (Finale)




Powers and Weapons
  • Computer Inhabitation: Compared to Gridman, Alexis seems to be in perfect shape and is able to exist both in real life and in Akane's LCD computer screen.
  • Instance Abreaction (インスタンス・アブリアクション Insutansu Aburiakushon): By some unknown process, Alexis turns a figure of a monster into a real life monster. His visor glows red when he uses this power. It can also be used on a human.
    • Mass Resurrection: During the eleventh episode, when Akane refused to make more Kaiju, Alexis resurrected every previously defeated Kaiju in the show and released them into the city. He performed this the same way as Instance Abreaction.
  • Attention Manipulation: At least to normal humans, Alexis can mask his presence so as to not raise suspicion on his rather odd appearance.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Alexis is fast enough to react towards Anti's buzzsaw, disarming him before using that very same weapon to scar him.
  • Teleportation: Alexis can transport himself to any location in the Computer World within a blink of an eye.
  • Weapons: Alexis can conjure weapons to use in battle, most commonly he uses two swords in battle but has also used a spear.
  • Transformation: In the final episode, Alexis took on a more humanoid form to battle Gridman by absorbing Akane into his body and feeding off her negative emotions. He also grows in size to about Gridman's maximum height and changes into Giant Alexis・Kerib.
  • Energy Blast: Only used in the opening, Alexis fires a purple energy blast out of his palm. It causes a massive explosion.

Giant Alexis・Kerib

Giant Alexis・Kerib (巨大アレクシス・ケリヴ Kyodai Arekushisu Kerivu)[2][3] is Alexis' evolved combat form, gained after absorbing Akane's negative emotions.

  • Height: 75 m
  • Weight: 65,000 t
Powers and Weapons

It is likely that Alexis retains all his abilities from his normal-sized self and may have had these abilities then as well.

  • Strength: Alexis was shown to be able to keep up with and even overpower Gridman at times.
  • Immortality: During the final battle, Alexis revealed that he had a form of immortality. He was shown to instantly regenerate from Gridman's attacks that atomized him various times. Gridman was able to subdue this ability by using his Fixer Beam, after which his remaining body shard had to be sealed.
  • Energy Pulse: Alexis fires an energy pulse that destroys whatever it hits.
  • Energy Bolts: Energy bolts fired from Alexis' being.
  • Energy Beam: An energy beam fired from Alexis' hands. It can easily overpower Gridman's Grid Beam.
  • Portal: Alexis opens a portal to travel through.
  • Flame Form: Alexis can become a living flame if he chooses to. His eyes are still clearly present.



  • Designer: Shigeto Koyama
  • His design is rather clearly inspired, at least in part, by the main villain of the original Gridman series, Kahn Digifer.
  • He also shares his design with General Manager of Over Justice from a Trigger anime, Space Patrol Luluco. It also helped that they are voiced by the same voice actor.
    • Other details of his design may also relate to another Trigger work, Kill la Kill. His shoulder pads have the same shape as Junketsu does in override form, as well as his color scheme matches Senketsu.
    • His voice actor Tetsu Inada mentions in an interview that director Akira Amemiya once said that Alexis is Over Justice. According to him, ater the events of Space Latrol Luluco, Over Justice wandered the multiverse for thousands of years and became corrupted in the process. Gridman's Fixer Beam restored his original self, and he may return as Gridman Justice (グリッドマンジャスティス Guriddoman Jasutisu).[4]
  • As with Yuta Hibiki and Akane Shinjo, Alexis was one of the adopted characters of the scrapped plan, Gridman the Hyper Agent F. SSSS.GRIDMAN adopted many aspects of this leftover plan and had the show went on, Alexis would still become its main antagonist, going further to explain that he was an inhabitant of Makai World (as opposed to Khan, a criminal from Hyper World) and his assistant would be Akane, who was to be portrayed in a similar role to Takeshi Todo.
  • In the English dub, voice actor Barry Yandell affects an accent reminiscent of Tim Curry, paying tribute to the actor's role dubbing Kilo Khan (Kahn Digifer's counterpart) in Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad.
  • Just as Akane's design holds references to a Transformers character, arguably so does Alexis. His black body and teal shoulder pads are reminiscent of Scourge (ja:Black Convoy)'s color scheme, an evil lookalike of Optimus Prime (ja:Fire Convoy) from Transformers: Robots in Disguise (ja:Transformers: Car Robots).
  • During his coversation with Rikka in episode 12, he calls her a "fabricated meat-thing", a callback to how Kilokahn, the main villain of Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad, referred to humans as "meat-thing"s.
  • According to the voice drama episode 2.9, Alexis owns a car and has it insured, but unfortunately he doesn't have a driver's license and no idea on how to operate the brake, causing him to crash the car in the voice drama.


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