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Akko is a character in Ultraman Max. She was a blind girl who wanted to be musician. She transformed the ferocious Neo IF into his peaceful, musical form by playing her flute.


An orphan, Akko had desired to be an artist until she lost her sight after an operation to cure her of an eye disease. She instead desired to be a musician. She was also a friend of DASH member Mizuki, who was there for her during her fail operation to restore her sight.

On the day of her premier, the stage was attacked by the Kaiju If, which DASH and even Ultraman Max were unable to stop. Despairing and refusing to leave, Akko's home was caught in the wake of If's rampage, yet the young girl survived.

Sad, covered in dirt and lost, the blind girl stumbled upon If sleeping form. Playing her song, Akko, unknowingly transformed the Kaiju into a living orchestra and with Mizuki in the Dash Alpha and Ultraman Max, lured the Kaiju to space, where it went on its way.