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Akiji Kobayashi (小林昭二 Kobayashi Akiji), sometimes credited as Shoji Kobayashi (小林 昭二 Kobayashi Shōji) or Issei Mori, was a Japanese actor and voice actor. He was best known in the West for portraying Captain Toshio Muramatsu in Ultraman. He also portrayed Tōbei Tachibana throughout the Kamen Rider series.


Akiji Kobayashi died of lung cancer on August 27, 1996 in Yokahama, Japan, ten days before his 66th birthday. He was 65 years old at the time.


Year Title Role Notes
1966 Ultra Q Major Amano Episode 19 "Challenge from the Year 2020"
Ultraman Toshio Muramatsu
1967 Ultraseven Sato Episode 47 "Who are You?"
1971 Return of Ultraman Captain Takamura Episode 13 "Terror of the Tsunami Monsters, Tokyo's Big Pinch

Episode 14 "Terror of the Two Giant Monsters, Tokyo in a Giant Tornado"

1972 Ultraman Ace Akira Koyama Episode 6 "Pursue the Mystery of the Transformation Terrible-Monster"
1990 Ultra Q The Movie: Legend of the Stars Detective
1996 Revive! Ultraman Captain Muramatsu Voiced stock footage
Ultraman Zearth Fisherman
Ultraman Zearth: Parody Chapter Tobei Tachibana



  • Akiji Kobayashi was meant to reprise his role as a fisherman in Ultraman Zearth in Ultraman Zearth 2, but because he passed away during filming, a photograph of him was shown in the film instead.
  • Akiji dubbed America actor John Wayne in numerous movies.