Akihiko Hirata (平田昭彦 Hirata Akihiko) was a Japanese actor. His real name is Akihiko Onoda (野田昭彦 Onoda Akihiko). He was known for his roles as Dr. Daisuke Serizawa in Godzilla, Dr. Iwamoto in Ultraman.

Person Life

He was married to Yoshiko Kuga in 1961.


Akihiko Hirata died in July 25, 1984 at the age 56 after a long time battle with lung cancer. The actor's association with the kaiju genre continued right until his death, as he helped announce the production of The Return of Godzilla at a Tokyo press conference, but unfortunately Akihiko was too ill to appear in the film, and the part would eventually go to Yosuke Natsuki, who had appeared alongside Akihiko in Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster in 1964.

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