Aki Sakata (坂田アキ Sakata Aki) is a fictional character that first appeared in the fourth entry in the Ultra Series, Return of Ultraman.


Return of Ultraman

She is the sister of Ken Sakata and Jiro Sakata, and was regularly seen around her elder brother's car repair shop or taking care of Jiro. Throughout the series, she seems to develop affection for Hideki Go, and was teased for being "Go's girlfriend". Unfortunately, Alien Nackle, who was seeking to conquer Earth, discovered this fact and kidnapped Aki, fatally wounding her after his henchmen forcibly held her out of a moving car, dragging her along the road. Ken was also in the area and tried to stop them, but was also killed.

Once Go heard the news and arrived at the hospital, he only had enough time to see her die in front of his eyes, causing him to be emotionally broken.

Other Appearances

Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers

An alternate version of Aki Sakata appeared in the movie Superior Ultraman 8 Brothers as the wife of Hideki Go.



  • In episode 5 of Ultraman X, When the Aegis Shines, another Alien Nackle named Bandero also made the same scene where he accidentally kidnapped Rui Takada in Xio Aramis while actually aiming for the Spark Dolls. However the tides were reversed where Rui recaptured the Spark Dolls and run over Bandero with Aramis. This was purposely made by Koichi Sakamoto, the director of the series, whom wanted to enact his "revenge" on the first Nackle for killing Aki.
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