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Akashic Records (アカシックレコード Akashikku Rekodo) is the fifth Ultraseven 35th Anniversary: EVOLUTION episode of Heisei Ultraseven.


With clear evidence that aliens had been infiltrating TDF to invade the Earth, the peaceful treaty that was signed by Earth and the entire galaxy was terminated. The Ultra Guard and Saijou’s men of surviving TDF members were hunting Kazamori and the Plant Life Form. Alien Garut provided cover for the two to escape and confirmed himself to be the mastermind behind all the incidents so far; such as the invasion of Alien Pegassa and Godola into TDF, mind-control of a population, the new human children’s rise and even Neo Pandon were all under the action of protecting the plant girl as her kind is the inheritor of Earth’s future, based on the will of Akashic Record. Kazamori refused, wanting to confirm the validity of this record by looking for the Akashic Record at Urosu Shrine.

While Kazamori and the plant girl made their way to the shrine, UG tailed cooperated with the police officers to apprehend Inagaki and hunting down Kazamori and the plant girl. The fugitive duo took refuge in a hotel, while Yuki met with Inagaki. The former TDF officer confided four years prior, Alien Garut had obtained the Akashic Record in order to invade the Earth. TDF wanted to confirm the record’s detail (regarding that Plant Life Form as the sole inheritor of Earth’s future), so they form a special force which Yuki and Suwa were part of to an expedition in Urosu shrine, but accessing the record requires traversing into an alternate dimension through manipulation of muons, something that normal humans incapable of. The special forces fail to secure the record and only Yuki and Suwa made it out safely, including the fact that said incident was one which put Yuki into a state of comatose. Yuki once more experienced a headache relating to her past. Inagaki admitted that he was forced to sell mankind’s freedom to the aliens to ensure their place in Earth’s future. He was about to reveal the person who suggested this (Suwa), but was assassinated to keep his mouth shut and relay the info of the Omega Files to Yuki in his dying breath.

TDF and UG stormed the hotel where Kazamori and the plant girl was in, but Shiragane secretly assisted the two in their escape. Through Yuki’s testimony in the Omega Files, UG discovered that the Akashic Record copy brought by Alien Garut described the Plant Life Form as the inheritors of Earth’s future, leaving mankind to be terminated. Yuki rescued Kazamori and the plant girl during their trip to the Urosu Shrine and had a run-in with her former leader, Suwa. It was revealed that Yuki and Suwa were chosen by the Akashic Records to paralyze TDF and protect the plant girl. After being shot by Alien Garut, Suwa revealed to her that she will serve as a bridge for both mankind and Plant Life Forms before he disappeared into muons. Yuki’s true potential as a reborn human being awakened, allowing her to manipulate muons and finally opening the door to Akashic Records. In the alternate dimension, Kazamori found the record detailing the truth: in addition to Plant Life Form, humans and the neo neuron will cooperate to inherit the Earth’s future together. Alien Garut had went into the same location before, but he removed humanity and neo neuron’s part in the evolution in order to further his invasion plans on Earth. Satomi’s poem in Kazamori’s hand transformed into the real physical copy of the Akashic Records.

With the Ultra Guard approaching the shrine as well, Alien Garut admitted to them that he had forged the Akashic Record for his invasion purposes and summoned Gaimos (a monster) to destroy everyone before the true content of said record can be revealed. Entrusting the copy to the plant girl, Kazamori transformed to fight both Gaimos and the giant Alien Garut, calling out on the alien for his crimes in tampering with the planet’s future. Seven fell after suffering a heavy barrage of attacks, only to rise up again through a voice from Satomi’s spirit. Seven killed Garut using his Eye Slugger, before proceeding to destroy Garut in a single shot.

The Plant Life Form and Yuki presented the rest of UG the physical copy of the Record, finally confirming that mankind still has their place in the future. Kazamori/Seven decided to part ways with their comrade together, still doubting if Alien Garut’s action was legitimate and that the Akashic Record was rewritten by someone else. However for the two, they had since fall in love with the planet and its people, believing that all the trials and tribulations they went against were worth it.


  • Masaki Kazamori (カザモリ・マサキ Kazamori Masaki): Katsuyuki Yamazaki (山崎勝之 Yamazaki Katsuyuki)
  • Sanshiro Shiragane (シラガネ・サンシロウ Shiragane Sanshirou): Koji Nanjo (南条弘二 Nanjo Koji)
  • Keisuke Shima (シマ・ケイスケ Shima Keisuke): Kunio Masaoka (正岡邦夫 Masaoka Kunio)
  • Takuma Mizuno (ミズノ・タクマ Mizuno Takuma): Wataru Koga (古賀亘 Koga Wataru)
  • Satomi Hayakawa (ハヤカワ・サトミ Hayakawa Satomi): Kaoru Ukawa (鵜川薫 Ukawa Kaoru)
  • Rumi Honjou (ホンジョウ・ルミ Honjou Rumi): Rieko Adachi (あだち理絵子 Adachi Rieko)
  • Yuki Kisaragi (キサラギ・ユキ Kisaragi Yuki): Mika Katsumura (勝村美香 Katsumura Mika)
  • Plant Life Form Mitsuko (植物生命体ミツコ Shokubutsu Seimei-tai Mitsuko): Saori Nara (奈良沙緒理 Nara Saori)
  • Inagaki (イナガキ Inagaki): Masahiro Noguchi (野口雅弘 Noguchi Masahiro)
  • Saijou (サイジョウ Saijou): Masaki Nishimori (西守正樹 Nishimori Masaki)
  • Suwa (諏訪 Suwa): Kyoji Kamui (神威杏次 Kamui Kyoji)
  • Alien Garut (ガルト星人 Garuto-seijin) (Voice): Tomokazu Seki (関智一 Seki Tomokazu)
  • Narrator (ナレーター Nareta): Kohji Moritsugu (森次晃嗣 Moritsugu Kōji)


  • Driver (運転手 Untenshu): Yoshi Takada (鷹田善 Takada Yoshi)
  • Female innkeeper (旅館の女将 Ryokan no okami): Kariko Fuyu (冬雁子 Fuyu Kariko)
  • Police Officer (警察官 Keisatsukan): Kazuo Shimizu (清水一男 Shimizu Kazuo)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン Urutorasebun): Satoshi Yamamoto (山本諭 Yamamoto Satoshi)
  • Alien Garut (ガルト星人 Garuto-seijin): Keita Hirai (平井敬太 Hirai Keita)
  • Gaimos (ガイモス Gaimosu): Kazunori Yokoo (横尾和則 Yokoo Kazunori)




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