Aizen Tech

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Aizen Tech headquarters

Aizen Tech Co. Ltd. (株式会社アイゼンテック Kabushiki Gaisha Aizen Tekku) is a major company located in Ayaka City. It is formerly owned by Makoto Aizen, the company's president. It started out as a small town factory known as Aizen Ironworks (愛染鉄工 Aizen Tekkō) founded by Makoto's father before the business moved to Ayaka City and passed down to his son, the name was then changed to Aizen Tech so that it could enter a global market. The entire headquarters is equipped with an AI named D.R.L.N., which helps the president manage various tasks. Mio Minato used to be a researcher here before she disappeared. The company was most recently owned by Saki Mitsurugi until her death.

In Ultraman R/B The Movie: Select! The Crystal of Bond, Mio becomes the current president of the company.

Known Employees

Current President


  • Kojima
  • Toyotake
  • Osugi
  • Unnamed Researcher
  • Unnamed Receptionist
  • Unnamed Secretary


  • D.R.L.N. (The AI of Aizen Tech)

Former Employees/Collaboration

  • Mio Minato
  • Makoto Aizen (Former President)
  • Saki Mitsurugi (Former President)



  • Jet Packs: Aizen Tech has created these machines that are capable of instant flight. They are worn on the backs of the passenger and are easy to equip.
  • Powered Boots: These boots enable the user to jump extraordinary heights and run long distances with little effort. The drawback is that they are hard to control and can in some situations harm the user.
  • Anti-Monster Restraint System: The towers around Aizen Tech headquarters are able to charge the main tower to fire a concentrated beam of purple energy that can put kaiju to sleep. If it shoots at an Ultra, it reverts them back to human instead.
  • King Joe: Aizen Tech somehow acquired a King Joe and it was deployed after D.R.L.N. restarted the AZ Plan.
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