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Airu Higa (比嘉 愛流 Higa Airu), real name Ail Saderuna (アイル・サデルーナ Airu Saderūna) was the last surviving member of the Kushia People. She appeared in Ultraman Geed The Movie: Connect The Wishes! as one of the main characters.


Ultraman Geed The Movie

Airu becomes the last surviving member of her species after her father sacrificed his life to save her and the Giga Finalizer after being driven into a corner by an army of Galactrons. Escaping from her planet with the Giga Finalizer, she arrives in ancient Okinawa of Earth and encountered Gukuru Shisa, forming a pact with each other, and they somehow became a legend along with the weapon.

In the present, Airu posed as a tour guide in Okinawa and enlisted the help of Riku Asakura to fight against Gilbaris while protecting the Giga Finalizer at all costs. While Riku was unable to unlock the weapon at first, Airu strongly believes that the boy is the rightful user. After sacrificing her life to save Riku from a Galactron and encouraging him with her final words, Riku's determination allowed him to unseal the weapon and transform into Geed Ultimate Final, fighting against the Galactron Army and ending the threat of Gilbaris. After her death, the Kushias are driven to extinction.

Powers and Weapons

  • Spaceship: Airu have a ship that she can use for interplanetary travel.
  • Pendant: A necklace-like object made from different properties.
    • Gukuru Shisa Summon: The pendant can call forth Gukuru Shisa from its shisa statue. She can allow the summoned Gukuru Shisa to return back to the pendant.
    • Barrier: The pendant can also release an defensive barrier.
    • Katana: Airu can summon a katana from the pendant and use it in combat against foes.
    • Healing: Airu can heal others from their wounds by touching on them.
  • Longevity: As shown by Airu, who had lived on Earth for hundreds of years, the Kushias seem to have a very long life span.
  • Teleport: Airu can teleport. She seems to simply disappear from sight.



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