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"We can't handle a monster every week!"

―Aide Toriyama referring to the appearance of Gudon, Our Wings

Aide Toriyama (トリヤマ補佐官 Toriyama Hosakan) is the leader of the Japanese branch of GUYS, he issues orders to GUYS and gets frantic with joy whenever they accomplish a mission. More or less the public face of GUYS, he is apparently the one who must answer to the news media about GUYS' actions. He gave approval for the use of METEOR until episode 4, when he handed the authority to Sakomizu.




While generally portrayed as cowardly, sycophantic and bumblingly incompetent throughout the series, he gathers his resolve and stands up to Inspector Shiki when the latter demands that GUYS turn Ultraman Mebius/Mirai Hibino over in the last episode.