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Ai Tennoji (天王寺藍 Ten'nōji Ai)[1] is a character who appears in Ultraman Taiga episodes 7 and 8.


Ultraman Taiga

Ai Tennoji is the reincarnation of a shrine maiden who once sealed away Night Fang in Kuzuryu Village in ancient times, using a shining sword that had the power of the Earth.

Since her youth she was treated as a freak who had to cover up her right eye, which has a red iris, because of her mysterious psychic powers that seemed to bring misfortune to everyone around her, but one day she somehow became a popular net idol.

An Alien Babarue and his accomplice Alien Hook found out about her true nature and wanted to use her to unleash Night Fang. Babarue decided to incapacitate Ai's producer and then disguise as him to lure Ai to Kuzuryu village. To make it seem less suspicious, he also hired EGIS as bodyguards, under the pretense that fans started to follow Ai around recently.

After being discovered for who he truly is, Babarue forced Ai's hand onto the sealing stone, unleashing Night Fang, but Ai also found out about her past self. Ai returned to the EGIS base after Night Fang took off, but she was put to sleep along with everybody else until Pirika Asahikawa woke them up using a noise canceling wave. As Ultraman Taiga fought against Night Fang, Ai decided to help instead of doing nothing. She called upon the shining sword, that was still stuck inside Night Fang, and granted it to Taiga. This allowed Taiga to achieve a new form, Photon-Earth and finally defeat the demon Night Fang.

Powers and Weapons

  • Psychic Power: Ai has a hidden psychic power within her. This allowed her to feel Ultraman Titas' holographic projection squatting on her shoulder, but could not see him. She was also somehow able to "see" the Tri-Squad, describing them as one with a star, one who's blue and a bull or a red ogre.
  • Sealing Sword: A golden sword once used to seal away Night Fang. It is created from the energy of the Earth. Other than sealing Night Fang away, it can also protect Ai from damage. It was granted to Taiga so that he could evolve into Photon-Earth.