Ai Asama (アサマ・アイ Asama Ai) is the main protagonist of Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure NEO.


Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Adventure NEO

He was a boy who lives in an alternate universe, which was soon revealed to be the same era of Ultraman Tiga. In a similar case to Io, he was also transported into the past after an incident involving Kyrieloid and Kanegon but instead of becoming a Reionics, he proves to be a better controller in guiding Kanegon's Red King when the latter has trouble over it. He befriended Kanegon in the later story after he was chased by several aliens that try to hunt his Battle Nizer. At the end of the manga, he was officially recognized as a Reionics by Io, Vittorio and Kanegon, thus gaining his own Neo Battle Nizer.

Powers and Weapons

  • Battle Nizer: Ai uses Kanegon's Battle Nizer, where he proves to be a better controller. He later gained his own Neo Battle Nizer at the end of the story.
    • Red King: Kanegon/Ai's main monster. Through Ai's sheer will Red King can transform into Reionic Burst Red King (レイオニックバーストレッドキング Reiyoniku Basuto Reddo Kingu), possessing the ability to release extreme heats and counter opponents with cryokinetic abilities.
    • Agira: Seven's Capsule Monster, which was adopted by Ai in the middle of his journey. It was later returned to Seven, parting ways in good terms.


  • His mother works as a medical officer in the GUTS Dive Hangar.
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