Agoal is a kaijin introduced in the series, Triple Fighter.

Subtitle: Ninjutsu Phantom (忍術怪人 Ninjutsu Kaijin)


  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Origin: Earth


Triple Fighter

Agoal first appeared when he teleported near a waterfall and caught someone important to Demon's plan and then held him hostage and as when the Fighters came to his location to rescue him, the person told them about Agoal's plan.

Agoal then appeared near a river with a bunch of Devila and told him the next stage of his plan and demonstrated his powers by lifting rocks with telepathy, making the water from the river gush up in explosions, and making trees shake as if on a windy day. He then prepared to use his powers on the Fighters as they were about to look for him.

Agoal ended up making the Fighters' vehicles stop in place while their engines were still running. By the time they noticed that Agoal was responsible for it, the kaijin disappeared alongside the attack vehicle. He later reappeared by the river and prevented one of the Fighters from transforming into their hero form to fight him and left him vulnerable enough for the Devila to capture him. Afterwards, he ordered them to take them away and used his voice mimicry to fool Lily and Atsushi. He then reported his success to Demon as he prepared for the next stage of his plan.

The kaijin was then seen lying and waiting as the two Fighters came to where he was holding the third one hostage and once they did, Agoal ambushed them with a bunch of Devila. While the Fighters were dealing with the grunts, Agoal used his telekinesis powers to attack the Fighters (and inadvertently the Devila as,well). Afterwards, all three Fighters transformed into their Ultraman-like forms (Green Fighter, Red Fighter, & Orange Fighter) and prepared to go head to head with the kaijin.

Just as the Fighters were about to make a move against Agoal, he used his powers to create an explosion that weakened the fighters. He then engaged the Fighters in close combat and despite being outnumbered, he managed to gain the upper hand over the three and then all three of them decided to merge into the hero Triple Fighter to gain even ground against the kaijin. As the two of them duked it, the fight became evenly matched in their favor, but Triple Fighter managed to overcome the kaijin's powers and defeated him with his signature Triple Kick, sending him rolling towards the river and yelled Demon's name in anguish as he exploded.

Powers and Weapons

  • Space Science Ninjitsu: Agoal is trained in various fighting techniques.
    • Kira Kira (きらーきらー Kirā kirā): A space science ninja technique that causes a deadly explosion.
    • Zawazawazawa (ざわざわざわ): A technique used to shake trees.
    • Stopper (ストッパー Sutoppā): A technique that stops vehicles.
    • Buchikamashi (ぶちかまし): A technique of lifting and throwing objects.
    • Fuwafuwadon (ふわふわどん): A technique to levitate an object and throw it to a desired place.
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