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"Those with no time for happiness for those with an incurable sickness."

―R's words during his days as a DEUS agent.

R (アール Aru) was a former DEUS member that appeared in Ultraseven X episode 2.


Ultraseven X

Back in his days as a DEUS agent, K and R were sent to attack an alien criminal. The criminal fired at them forcing K to take cover, but R countered the alien's firing prowess with his, succesfully taking it down. At some point of time he went returned home with flower but was shocked to find out that his wife died after taking an overdose of pills. He disappeared, having lost all hope and care for the world.

It was around this time that unseen aliens contacted R convincing him to work for them on the promise they were taking people with who were simirly disappointed in their world to a metaphorical paradise. A year later, when the red giant started to appear the aliens made another deal with him that he could join the other if he brought along the Red Giant's host with him. He investigated and met the man behind the red giant, Jin. He left the man a clue for him to figure out the causes behind the kidnapping cases. As both Jin and K finally begun to figure out what truly happened, they rushed back to Agent R's hideout where they found his computer with the subliminal message sender. Seeing his hot coffee nearby, they realised that he wasn't very far from them. Jin rushed to the rooftop and found R. After a conversation, R almost convinced almost convinced Jin to join him if not for Elea's interference. R stole the Ultra Eye luring Jin to the meeting spot but after hearing Jin's words he decided to put his trust in the ship. He threw back the glasses but was killed soon after when the alien abductors had no further need for him. In rage Jin transformed and avenged him moments after by destroying the saucer.


  • Training: Like all DEUS agents, R is a trained agentand had excellent martial art skills, marksmanship, espionage tactics and computer know-how. It is known that back in his days as a DEUS agent, R was known for his fearless personality and able to outsmart a gunslinging alien single-handedly.
  • Equipment: While only as an agent of DEUS, R has access to technology that may seem otherworldly.