Ace Killer (エースキラー Ēsu Kirā) is the twelfth episode of the first season of ULTRAMAN. It adapts chapters 42 to 46 of the manga.


Moroboshi, Shinjiro and the might of the SSSP sets out to protect Seiji on his quest to punish those responsible for the airline tragedy 12 years ago.





Anime and Manga Differences

  • Seiji talks to Yapool over his communicator instead of talking to Yuko Minami.
  • Edo is not seen in his human disguise.
  • The conversation between Seiji and Yapool is a lot less tense:
    • Seiji already knew who the perpetrators of the airplane incident were.
    • Yapool never reveals he made the Biological Weapons.
  • In the manga, Seiji talks to Yapool with an arm missing since Moroboshi sliced it off.
  • In the manga, Yapool never sees Edo standing in the street. Instead, he was in the interrogation room with the others, with Shinjiro being absent.
  • Moroboshi takes Yapool in after he runs over to the SSSP. This does not happen in the manga.
  • Bemular's conversation with Endo about the barcoded corpses is omitted.
  • The ending of Yapool's interrogation is slightly cut short.
  • In the manga, Shinjiro shows up slightly late to the raid on the house instead of being deployed together with Moroboshi.
  • The fight against Ace Killer starts differently. In the manga, Moroboshi uses a cloaking function and goes into the house alone, uncovering the storage of barcoded corpses in the process before the house explodes.
  • Alien Woovelve does not appear.
  • Ace Killer does not have a human disguise.
  • The eyes under Ace Killer's visor are never shown.
  • Ace Killer's footsoldiers never aim their laser sights at Shinjiro when they first appear.
  • The flashback scene with Seiji and Yuko is cut short.
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