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The Absolutians (アブソリューティアン Abusoryūtian) are a race of golden alien beings that first appeared in Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. The Kingdom is a recurrent antagonistic Absolutian force with goals of subjugating the Land of Light to use it as a second home planet for the Absolutian race. The race as a whole serves under the unseen Lord (あのお方 Ano Okata), who according to Tartarus, is currently sleeping.

Subtitle: Ultimate Life Form (究極生命体 Kyūkyoku Seimei-tai)


At an unknown point in time, the Absolutians were transformed into their current forms through the Cascade Rays emitted by the light from Eldora Tower. The resultant home world of the Absolutians, the Central Planet, bore a remarkable resemblance to the Land of Light, except its surface was covered in gold rather than emerald. However, the Absolutians had yet to figure out a way of controlling the Absolute Particles produced alongside the Cascade Rays, which would lead to the eventual collapse of their planet. This prompted the Absolutians to search for a second home, leading them to the Land of Light.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

The Absolutians are in need of a new planet to establish as their second home world. The Kingdom's strategist, Absolute Tartarus, sees the Land of Light as a potential target and eventually setting up a chain of events that lead to The Kingdom's fight against the Ultra Warriors and their allies.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

According to Ignis, the Absolutians made their reputation through their inter-dimensional terrorism. Tartarus and Diavolo appeared on Earth in their quest to find the Eternity Core, with Ignis giving Akito the information needed about the race as a whole. The Golden Threat After Ultraman Ribut's intervention and Ultraman Trigger mastering the power of Glitter Trigger Eternity, the Absolutian pair decided to depart from Earth after seeing the Eternity Core no longer being part of The Kingdom's priority. Operation Dragon

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

A unit of Absolutian soldiers were dispatched to Planet Juran to eliminate Ultraman Cosmos, who was a threat to The Kingdom's plans, though they were swiftly defeated thereafter by the Ultra with the help of Lidorias. Meanwhile, Absolute Tartarus brought Belial and Tregear to the Absolute Palace at the Central Planet, who were then introduced to the other Absolutians, Diavolo and Titan.Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad


Powers and Weapons
  • Absolute Particles (アブソリュート粒子 Abusoryūto Ryūshi): The Absolutian's body composition, which they can also channel through their attacks. The particles' energy level is stated to be off-the-scale, hence their presence is detectable to even a single member in a particular dimension.
  • Absolute Heart (アブソリュートハート Abusoryūto Hāto): The core of an Absolutian, which allows them to reconstruct their body upon destruction.
  • Armor: Absolutians in general have a set of gold-colored armor that serve as their equivalent to the Ultra Armor.
Known Absolutians




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