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Absolute Titan (アブソリュートティターン Abusoryūto Titān) is one of the antagonists of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad. He is an Absolutian assassin with proficiency in swordsmanship.[1][2]

Subtitle: Ultimate Life Form (究極生命体 Kyūkyoku Seimei-tai)[1][2]



Titan's namesake refers to the pre-Olympian gods in the Greek mythology.


Instead of being muscular like Absolute Tartarus and Diavolo, Absolute Titan has a thinner appearance, bearing streamlined plate armour reminiscent of that of Medieval era knights. Titan's face is hidden underneath his golden helmet, which features a silver faceplate, though at times his eyes may become visible, which glow pale blue. Like the other Absolutians, Titan's armour is a mixture of gold, black and silver in colour, and he wears numerous distinct pieces of armour in his set, including greaves, sabatons, vambraces and rerebraces. Notably, Titan lacks pauldrons on his shoulders, instead wearing spaulders, a similar type of armour.


A cold-hearted assassin, Titan respects and acknowledges true strength, even in his enemies which often puts him at odds with fellow Absolutian, Diavolo.[1][2]


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

Appearing alongside Absolute Diavolo, Titan first appeared on The Kingdom's Central Planet, the golden homeworld of the Absolutians, where he angrily barged in to the Absolute Palace with Diavolo to argue that Ultraman Belial and Ultraman Tregear did not deserve to be there, after Absolute Tartarus had brought them to the planet to receive Cascade Rays from Eldora Tower. When Belial asked what Diavolo meant, Titan pointed his sword directly at his head and stated that he would not allow Belial to sully the planet with his 'filth'. Tartarus then broke up the argument, demanding that the 'pointless squabble' be stopped.

Titan was later contacted by Tartarus after he had returned from the Monster Graveyard where he had obtained the Giga Battlenizer, storing it in Narak with the Tregear Eye. He instructed Titan to go to Planet Babel as Ultraman Noa had apparently been sighted there, intending to deal with him before Noa can strike back at them. When Titan arrived on the planet, he was instead attacked by the Ultra Force - Scott, Chuck and Beth - who had been sent there by Zoffy, who had somehow picked up on the Absolutians' plan with Noa. They fought until Ultraman Ribut arrived, taking over the battle in the Ultra Force's place.

The conflict between Titan and Ribut was then interrupted by the light of Ultraman Noa shining from the ruins, manifesting as Ultraman Nexus, attacking both Ultra and Absolutian alike, leading them to speculate that Noa's light had detected evil energy and had gone into a defense mechanism as a response. Nexus changed into Junis and erected the Meta Field, trapping both Titan and Ribut in it, with the dimension's structure putting Ribut at a disadvantage by lowering his energy reserves, forcing the two opponents to have to work together against Nexus. Sora managed to contact Ribut, advising them to target Nexus' Armed Nexus, where he emits the Meta Field. The two unlikely allies then did as they were told and managed to disable the Meta Field, making Nexus disappear as well.

Noa appeared to the two of them in the mental world, revealing that he was not out of control but rather forcing them to prove that Ultras and Absolutians can coexist. In the aftermath of their battle, Ribut proposed to make peace between them, but Titan retreated back to the Kingdom saying that they would still be enemies the next time they meet. Titan was then confronted by Diavolo, who taunted him over his conflicting feelings.

Absolute Titan then encountered Andro Melos and Ultraseven 21 when they and their rescue squad invaded the Kingdom. He fought the two of them until Astra managed to locate and rescue both Yullian and Ultraman Regulos. He and the other Absolutians chased them to Planer Blizzard, where they were confronted by a large gathering of Ultras. Titan fought Ribut once again until Titan decided to postpone their battle, returning to the Central Planet after Ribut had once more spoken of coexistence.Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad


Absolute Titan low res render.png
  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 50,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Armor: Absolute Titan has a set of golden armor that covers several parts of his figure.
  • Golden Sword (黄金の剣 Ōgon no Ken):[3] Befitting his swordsman status, Titan is armed with a razor sharp longsword that is colored gold in on its blade and the crossguard.[1][2] It can release golden energy slashes.
  • Arm Blades: Titan's alternative weapons, a pair of arm-mounted blades with each on his gauntlets.
  • Sickle Sword (シックルソード Shikkeru Sōdo): Titan can utilize a dagger as his secondary weapon alongside his sword. When not in use, the dagger is kept above his head in a similar fashion to an Ultra's Sluggers.


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad



  • Titan's image was first teased in the poster that advertises Tartarus after the end of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. He was portrayed as a blue silhouette that stands at the opposite side of Tartarus, in addition to Diavolo and another Absolutian-like figure.
  • According to Koichi Sakamoto in "Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad x TAMASHII NATION ONLINE 2021 Livestream Special", Titan is established to be Ultraman Ribut's rival in The Destined Crossroad and the two shall have an intense battle.[5]


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