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"I am a warrior of the Ultimate Life Form, Absolutian, Absolute Tartarus."

―Absolute Tartarus's introduction.

Absolute Tartarus (アブソリュートタルタロス Abusoryūto Tarutarosu) is the main antagonist of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. An Absolutian and member of The Kingdom,[3] he travels through timelines and recruits the enemies of the Land of Light before their deaths and creates their isotopes with Absolutian power.

Subtitle: Ultimate Life Form (究極生命体 Kyūkyoku Seimei-tai)[4]



Absolute Tartarus' name is derived from the region of the Underworld referred to as Tartarus in the mythology of Ancient Greece, which was said to be both the location for the imprisonment of the titans, as well as where the souls of the wicked spent their existence in torment. Tartarus is also considered in Greek mythology to be a primordial force or deity, alongside entities such as the Earth, the Night, Time, and etc.


Absolute Tartarus' gold body is made to contrast the silver body of Ultras.[5] In addition, Tartarus' golden armor is outlined with black sections, and he has silver skin, as well as silver armor plating on his lower legs and forehead, and pale blue eyes. Red gemstones are set into the backs of Tartarus' hands, and he wears a gold and silver garment around his waist, as well as two large golden pauldrons on his shoulders. Finally, Tartarus wears a black emblem on his chest armor, with the red seal of The Kingdom inscribed upon it.

The cloth-like pieces on Tartarus' sides are an element borrowed from the Agul Suit designed for ULTRAMAN: BE ULTRA.[6]


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

Absolute Tartarus is an Absolutian warrior from The Kingdom who could transcend space and time, as well as an impressive strategist adept at orchestrating plans from the shadows. As part of his plan to take over the Land of Light by force to hold control over it as a second home planet for the Absolutian people, he set out to gather accomplices and monsters from different timelines to help complete his mission. Among those he recruited and displaced are Reibatos, Maga-Orochi, Leugocyte, Mold and Juda.

Chapter 1: -The Beginning-

Tartarus conspired with an Alien Sran that he had rescued in the past to empower Maga-Orochi on Planet Mikarito with Gudis Cells, doing so to accelerate its evolution into Magatano-Orochi and bring destruction to the universe. While Sran carried out the task he had been given, capturing and infecting Ultraman Max to use as a power source for Maga-Orochi's growth, Tartarus jumped into multiple dimensions (including those of Future Earth), but his presence was detected by Delacion of the Universal Justice in the form of a mysterious signal, who sent Ultraman Cosmos and Ultraman Justice to track its source.

After observing the Land of Light and remarking on its beauty, Absolute Tartarus first appeared in person during Ultraman Neos, Seven 21 and Ultraman 80's battle against Leugocyte on Planet Feed, enlisting Reibatos to revive a Gymaira and direct it to attack the three Ultras. After both Gymaira and Leugocyte were defeated by Neos, Seven 21, 80 and the newly-arrived Cosmos and Justice, Tartarus attempted to personally destroy all the Ultras, but Cosmos and Justice were able to block the attack, using the energy to fuse into the Super Ultraman, Ultraman Legend. The combined Ultra immediately fired his Spark Legend towards Tartarus, forcing the alien to escape.

"Gudis Cells... The Maga-Orochi egg... I thought you had all the tools you needed."
"Give me another chance... to repay you for saving my life...

―Tartarus and Sran in the latter's final moments.

Tartarus confronts Alien Sran for the failure of his plans

Tartarus returned to Planet Mikarito to discover that his plan was foiled by the Ultras, whereupon he found Sran to have survived his defeat by Ultraman Great, and the remains of Maga-Orochi, having been slain by the combined efforts of Max, Ribut and Xenon. After lamenting that Sran had failed to carry out his orders despite being given seemingly everything he needed to have them succeed, Tartarus eliminated the alien before departing into his portal to plan his next scheme. The Beginning

At some point, he brought Reibatos to the Future Earth World, and got him to revive the Alien Bat who once fought Ultraman Saga. Tartarus promised him a place in The Kingdom should he agree to help, and Bat went to work on creating Zett.

Chapter 2: -The Divergence-

In addition to Reibatos, Alien Bat and Zett, Tartarus conscripted Parallel Isotopes of past villains from the Land of Light's history to his cause, resulting in divergent alternate timelines created as a result of his meddling. After retrieving Juda and Mold from their active years, he influenced both Belial and Tregear in their younger years into straying from their original path, exposing their futures as evil Ultras through informing them of their whole lives, and ostensibly promising to change their fates. His act of intervention prevented their original fall into darkness from taking place, after which he provided the duo a portion of his Absolutian powers. This change in the timeline led to numerous other ramifications, and was detected by Ultraman King.

Returning to the present era, Tartarus decided to unleash the Gua Brothers upon the six Ultra Brothers and eventually allowing his empowered fallen Ultras to fight them after the Gua Brothers fell in battle. When Ultraman Zero entered the fray, Tartarus decided to withdraw Belial and Tregear away to The Kingdom. The Divergence

Chapter 3: -The Appearance-

Absolute Tartarus on Planet U40

Absolute Tartarus goes to Planet U40, thinking it could be a threat for his future plans. Ultraman Joneus appeared, and the two fought. Tartarus and Joneus fired energy bolts at each other before the former escaped, affirming his assumptions of U40 and its strongest warrior.

Tartarus later appeared on Planet Ebil while the Ultra League were fighting Zett and the Zetton army. Amidst the battle, he opened a portal and intended to abduct Yullian, only to be stopped by Ultraman Zero, who combined the Shining and Ultimate Zero to become Ultimate Shining Zero, and followed Tartarus through his portal into Narak. Though Zero held his own against Tartarus for a short time, his new form was extremely inefficient, and his energy was rapidly expended. Tartarus quickly gained the upper hand over a rapidly-weakening Zero, and defeated him, forcibly ejecting the Ultra out of Narak. Tartarus then emerged from the dimension and took Yullian, announcing his motives to the Ultra League before commanding Belial and Tregear to fire on the Ultras to defend his departure. The three of them then left with Yullian in tow. After taking Yullian to Narak, Tartarus informed her that she would be there for some time, before leaving through a portal. Yullian briefly attempted to follow him, but turned around to find another being hidden in shadow, seemingly also imprisoned there by Tartarus. Though the mysterious being was almost completely hidden, save for its eyes and Beam Lamp, she recognised who they were.The Appearance

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad Prologue

After imprisoning Yullian within Narak, Tartarus brought Tregear and Belial to Absolute Palace on his homeworld, The Kingdom's Central Planet. After Tregear sensed what he believed were Differator Rays, Tartarus informed the two Parallel Isotopes of the planet's history. Suddenly, Absolute Diavolo and Absolute Titan arrived, angrily exclaiming that the Ultras did not deserve to be within the palace. However, Tartarus dismissed them, demanding the pointless argument be stopped. Electing to give his subordinates even more power, he had Tregear and Belial stand inside a device that delivered them a second power boost from Absolute Particles in conjunction with Eldora Tower's Cascade Rays, making them even stronger.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga


Tartarus, alongside his fellow Absolutian Diavolo, appeared on Ultraman Trigger's Earth, hoping to attain the power of the Eternity Core for themselves, which would in turn stop it from potentially becoming a problem for them. Diavolo arrived first and faced the three Giants of Darkness, withstanding their attacks until Tartarus arrived and stopped the fight. He demanded that they hand over the Eternity Core before leaving, threatening the three giants. The Absolutians then sent down a Darebolic to draw out Ultraman Trigger who, while managing to defeat the monster, was hurt from the battle and the usage of the Eternity Core's energy. Diavolo then appeared and challenged Trigger, beating his other forms and forcing him to use Glitter Trigger Eternity once again. Trigger had his energy absorbed by the Absolutian until Ultraman Ribut arrived and allowed Trigger to escape. They fought until Tartarus appeared and told Diavolo to stop and remember their objective, before leaving. The Golden Threat

Sometimes later, he and the Absolute Heart of Diavolo are in Narak. Informing as long as the heart still exists, he can't die. Tartarus convinced Diavolo to return to The Kingdom, as well as focusing their priority to take the Land of Light rather than the Eternity Core. Operation Dragon


Absolute Tartarus render profile 2.png

  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 62,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Absolute Destruction (アブソリュート・デストラクション Abusoryūto Desutorakushon)[7][8]: After drawing in energy from the surrounding area through his hands, Tartarus fires a powerful golden yellow beam, capable of knocking down several Ultras at once. It can also be fired in the form of multiple smaller energy blasts.
  • Narak (ナラク Naraku)[7][1]: Absolute Tartarus is able to travel through dimensions and time through a golden portal, containing a pocket dimension.[9] The term "Narak" also refers to the pair of red crystals on the back of his hands, which shine when summoning the portal.
  • Telepathy: Tartarus can communicate with others using telepathy, without having to be present at their location.
  • Absolute Execution (アブソリュート・エクスキューション Abusoryūto Ekusukyūshon): Tartarus can fire bolts of electricity from his hands at close range to immediately eliminate a target of his choice.
  • Flight: Tartarus can fly through space.
  • Future Vision: Tartarus can allow others to see into their own future.
  • Power Endowment: Tartarus can share a portion of his power to allies.
  • Absolute Restriction (アブソリュート・レストリクション Abusoryūto Resutorikushon): Tartarus binds a target using golden energy.


Ultra Monster Series (2016)

Umsex tartarus.jpg

  • Absolute Tartarus (2021)
    • Release Date: October 23, 2021
    • Price: 600 yen
    • ID Number: EX
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660698869
    • Materials: PVC
Released to commemorate his appearance in The Golden Threat, Ultra Monster Series Absolute Tartarus is a 14-cm soft vinyl figure with 2 points of articulation on the arms. Molded in black soft vinyl plastic, Tartarus features primarily gold, and some silver and blue paint operations.



  • Absolute Tartarus (202?)
    • Release Date: TBA
    • Price: TBA
    • Materials: PVC/ABS
    • Accessories: TBA
A teaser of the S.H.Figuarts iteration of the Absolutian is first revealed at TAMASHII NATION ONLINE 2021.


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