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Absolute Diavolo (アブソリュートディアボロ Abusoryūto Diaboro) is one of the antagonists of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad. He is an Absolutian with preference of brute strength in combat.[2][3]

Subtitle: Ultimate Life Form (究極生命体 Kyūkyoku Seimei-tai)[2][3]



Diavolo's name is derived from the Italian word for the Devil, Diavolo, in keeping with Absolute Tartarus' name being derived from one of the realms of the Underworld in Greek mythology.


In addition to his bulkier body build, Diavolo's horns invoke the image of Minotaur, a creature in the Greek mythology who is portrayed as a man with the head and tail of a bull. In common with other Absolutians, Diavolo wears golden armour with black highlights, though it is considerably sturdier in design and larger in size to suit his preference for sheer strength. Diavolo's breastplate also has a set of red markings around The Kingdom's seal, which is darker in color compared to that of Absolute Tartarus.


In addition to his pride as an Absolutian, Diavolo finds enjoyment in directly fighting against his opponents in terms of raw strength, forcing Tartarus to interfere should Diavolo came close to be sidetracked from their mission. He is at odds with Titan, a fellow Absolutian whose belief towards one's true strength clashes with Diavolo's.[4][5]


Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

After Tartarus' successful capture of Yullian, he brought the Parallel Isotopes of Ultraman Belial and Ultraman Tregear to the Absolute Palace on The Kingdom's Central Planet. Diavolo and fellow Absolutian Titan make their presences known, with Diavolo scolding the two defect Ultras for entering the palace without permission. After a short conflict, Tartarus cut their conversation and stopped them. As Belial and Tregear were being empowered, the Absolutian trio discussed the Eternity Core and the Giants of Darkness, hoping to soon be able to attain the Core's power.

The brutish Absolutian then went into Narak and came up to Regulos, pushing Yullian away just so he could mock the imprisoned Ultra. Astra managed to find his way to The Kingdom and entered the dimension, confronting Diavolo until Regulos set himself free, helping Astra push Diavolo back and rescue Yullian.

Diavolo gave chase and fought Regulos again within the Eldora Tower while Astra used his own body to recalibrate a signal that would lead Sora to find their position and make a portal back to their world. Regulos managed to push Diavolo back again using his superior martial arts, allowing the rescue team, along with Regulos and Yullian, to escape.

The Absolutians hunted them down, tracking them to Planet Blizzard with all of their forces, but they were met with an army of Ultra Warriors. Diavolo fought against Regulos again, revealing that Diavolo killed their former master Alude and inherited his fighting style, making him the grandmaster of the Cosmo Beast Fist which Regulos rebutted. They were then joined by Astra and Leo, whose combined efforts proved far too great for Diavolo to match. Using the powers they inherited from the Cosmo Beast Fist's fallen masters, the three Ultras perform a combined attack that destroyed Diavolo, leaving only his Absolute Heart.

At the climax of the battle, Tartarus took hold of Diavolo's heart before he unleashed a powerful energy ray that was blocked by Ultraman King, creating a wormhole to another universe that pulled in him and Ultraman Ribut. Tartarus clashed with Ribut until they both landed on the Earth, where Tartarus revived Diavolo and warned him that he only has five lives left. In the distance, they saw the Giants of Darkness and Ultraman Trigger. Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga


Having landed in Trigger's universe, Tartarus and Diavolo set about their previously discussed plans of attaining the power of the Eternity Core for themselves. Diavolo faced the three Giants of Darkness, withstanding their attacks until Tartarus arrived and stopped the fight. He demanded that they hand over the Eternity Core before leaving, threatening the three giants. The Aboslutians then sent down a Darebolic to draw out Ultraman Trigger who, while managing to defeat the monster, was hurt from the battle and the usage of the Eternity Core's energy. Diavolo then appeared and challenged Trigger, beating his other forms and forcing him to use Glitter Trigger Eternity once again. Trigger had his energy absorbed by the Absolutian until Ultraman Ribut arrived and allowed Trigger to escape. They fought until Tartarus appeared and told Diavolo to stop and remember their objective, before leaving. The Golden Threat

Diavolo resurrected in Narak

While Ribut trained with Kengo Manaka and Yuna Shizuma, GUTS-Select formulated a plan to defeat the Absolutian warrior. Through the data on the Absolutian race that Akito Hijiri received from Ignis, they came up with Operation Dragon to steal his Absolute Particle, a powerful energy source, to power the Nursedessei into Battle Mode. They succeeded in luring him out by projecting a copy of Trigger's energy signature through the TPU's Cosmic Ray Research Institute and taking his energy using the Gan-Q Kaiju Key. The plan succeeded in part due to the Giants of Darkness' interference with Diavolo, allowing the Nursedessei to finally change into Battle Mode. The Nursedessei, along with Glitter Trigger Eternity and Ultraman Ribut, defeated Diavolo together, destroying his body but not his Absolute Heart, ending the Absolutian invasion for the time being.Operation Dragon


Absolute Diavolo render 3.png
  • Height: 65 m
  • Weight: 90,000 t
Powers and Weapons[2][3]
  • Armor: Absolute Diavolo is covered in armor that allows him to withstand heavy attacks.
  • Strength: Diavolo possesses great brute strength on par with the likes of Ultraman Trigger Power Type and Darrgon.
  • Energy Wave: Diavolo unleashes an energy wave from his hand.
  • Energy Absorption: Diavolo opens a portal above him to absorb energy from other sources.
  • Cosmo Beast Style (コスモ幻獣拳 Kosumo Genjū-ken): A form of martial arts which Diavolo uses in combat.[6]
    • Cosmo Beast Style: Juggernaut Charging Buffalo Strike (コスモ幻獣拳奥義・剛力破牛拳 Kosumo Genjū-ken Ōgi Gōriki Ha-gyūken): Diavolo's finishing move. He creates a large energy projection of the insignia on his chest and pushes it forward, causing a large explosion.[6]
  • Absolute Heart (アブソリュートハート Abusoryūto Hāto): The core of Diavolo's being. It grants him several additional lives, by reviving him when his body is destroyed. However, there are limits to its capabilities and Diavolo only has four lives left.


Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Destined Crossroad



Ultra Monster Series

Umsex diavolo.jpg
  • Absolute Diavolo (2021)
    • Release Date: October 30, 2021
    • Price: 600 yen
    • ID Number: EX
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660698876
    • Materials: PVC
Released to commemorate his appearance in Operation Dragon, Ultra Monster Series Absolute Diavolo is a 14-cm soft vinyl figure with 2 points of articulation on the arms. Molded in black soft vinyl plastic, Diavolo features primarily gold, and some red and light blue paint operations.


  • Diavolo's image was first teased in the poster that advertises Tartarus after the end of Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy. He was portrayed a red and bulkier silhouette that stands behind Tartarus, in addition to Titan and another Absolutian-like figure.
  • Diavolo's martial arts and attack were originally translated as Cosmo Beast Fist and Juggernaut Charging Bull Fist before being amended after Regulos' official introduction.[6]


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