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Trigger Tags are little tags we use on episode guides to help inform readers of any content which may trigger emotional or physical reaction. This is still an ongoing project, and so very incomplete. Please help us make this system reliable!

Please keep in mind this project is in its infancy, and just because an episodes does not have a tag does not mean it does not contain a trigger. If you watch an episode with one of these triggers in it, please add the tag! It's super easy. Instructions are on this page.

Tag Definitions

  • BLOOD: This tag means that the episode contains light blood, such as facial wounds. It does not account for the more graphic depictions of bleeding that sometimes appeared in series such as Ace.
  • SEVERE BLOOD: This is for the admittedly rare more graphic depictions of blood, such as the death of Alien Metron at the hands of Ace.
  • ANIMAL DEATH: This tag is for episode which contain either the deaths of non-monster animals, or show the dead bodies of non-monster animals.
  • DEATH: This denotes episodes which show dead humans/humans being killed. Please be aware this was a common occurrence from Return of Ultraman ~ 80, and does show up fairly often in pre-Max series.
  • CHARACTER DEATH: This tag is to show episodes where recurring characters die.
  • SMOKING: This is for episodes which contain tobacco or smoking.
  • VIOLENCE: Any violence shown against humans, but not simple laser shots or running. This is for episodes where humans are killed/hurt onscreen by monsters in physical, somewhat violent ways.
  • DISMEMBERMENT: A template for whenever a monsters limbs or head gets cut off like what happens a lot in the Showa shows.
  • SUGGESTIVE CONTENT: For content that has suggestive themes or scenes, and may be explicitly sexual.
  • STRONG LANGUAGE: Indicates that the particular episode/show makes use of strong language.

More tags will be added in the future, so continue to check.

Adding a Tag

Here are instructions for adding tags to a page.

In VisualEditor (default)

There are two methods to add a tag. The first is to click next to the title and then go to the insert button > template > search for trigger > click on the box with the trigger's name. This will insert the template.

The second is to go into source mode and insert the trigger name used in the tag itself (no caps) inside brackets, for example: {{blood}}

Which gives us: BLOOD

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