Aarb Gear
Hunter Knight Tsurugi Render
User(s): Ultraman Hikari
Nature: Armor
Powers: Protects user from harm
Enhances the user's strength
First Appearance: Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Hikari Saga SAGA 1: Arb's Tragedy
Status: Destroyed

Aarb Gear (アーブギア Ābu Gia) is a set of armor created by the Arb people for Ultraman Hikari to become Hunter Knight Tsurugi. Initially, it was called the Armor of Revenge (復讐の鎧 Fukushū no Yoroi) before Hikari used it properly in his righteous heart, becoming the Armor of the Hero (勇者の鎧 Yūsha no Yoroi). The armor grants the user additional weight to 3,000 t, being the lightest armor.


Ultraman Mebius & Ultraman Mebius Gaiden: Hikari Saga

After Hikari (whom at that time remained unnamed)'s failure in protecting Planet Arb from Bogar, he succumbed into depression as remaining Arb residents fused with him to become the Aarb Gear. Now filled with resentments, he adopted the name Hunter Knight Tsurugi and chased Bogar to Earth. After he managed to kill Bogar with Ultraman Mebius' help, he was killed in action but soon treated by the Mother of Ultra, whom destroyed the armor while treating Tsurugi.

Soon after adopting the name "Ultraman Hikari" and left the Earth, he encountered Alien Babarue, whom wanted to kill him after his refusal to join Babarue in his conquest to conquer space. Once he was about to be killed, energies from Planet Arb reacted and bestow him the Aarb Gear again, as he escaped and defeated Babarue. While Babarue disguised himself as Imitation Tsurugi, he was shown wearing a copy of Aarb Gear, though had no function. Hikari returned to Earth and revealed Babarue's dirty trick, later killing him using the Aarb Gear.

The armor was destroyed by Alien Empera when Hikari tried to use it against him in his invasion.

Techniques involving the Aarb Gear's usage

  • Knight Punch (ナイトパンチ Naito Panchi): An enhanced punch attack.
  • Knight Chop (ナイトチョップ Naito Choppu): An enhanced karate chop attack.
  • Knight Shoot (ナイトシュート Naito Shūto): In Hikari Saga 3, Hikari is capable of utilizing Knight Shoot even without the Knight Brace, suggesting that the armor acted as his placeholder.



  • Alongside Ultraman Hikari, the Aarb Gear is named as "Ultraman Tsurugi" in the original concept art. In the original planning, the helmet was meant to have an opening mechanism to reveal Hikari's face.
  • Instead of just arming the user, it seems that wearing Aarb Gear also alters the user's body cosmetically.
  • The Aarb Gear parallels the Assault Shroud equipped by Duel Gundam from Mobile Suit Gundam SEED, as both armors symbolizes Ultraman Hikari and Duel's pilot's hatred towards a person. Once said feeling ceased from their hearts, they began to shed off the armor. Interestingly, a re-manufactured unit of Duel Gundam would receive a "heroic" variant of the armor, called Blu Duel Gundam, much like how Hikari regain access to the Aarb Gear, now called "Armor of the Hero".
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